eToro Crypto Wallet

eToro Rolls Out Its Own Crypto Wallet

Award winning broker, eToro, who offers traders innovative and cutting-edge technology with their social trading platform launched today their crypto wallet.

Traders can now see their on-line blockchain transactions and balances with its multi signature security, it comes with easy to use interface and enhanced security.

Available via Google Play and the Apple App Store, the wallet is a mobile application.

The best part?

Traders will be able to store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash in their wallet. Users will be able to transfer their crypto tokens to the eToro wallet.

This will be available to Platinum Club members initially for Bitcoin, with a gradual increase to more users, in their endeavour to ensure
clients experience the best customer experience.

At present, eToro offers a choice of over fourteen crypto currencies on its platform and has over 6 million users.

eToro CEO Yoni Assia said that he believes blockchain technology that underpins crypto is headed to have a massive impact on revolutionising global finance.

The eToro wallet is part of opening up markets in a tokenised world, which they want to be part of as a first step in the journey.

That’s not all…

He added that this is just the beginning and they intend to add a whole host of additional functionalities that will support more crypto and fiat tokens with the ability to deposit fiat, crypto to crypto conversion and in-store payment.

eToro gives traders the ability to automatically copy leading traders on their social trading platform, CopyTrader. Traders can discuss trading strategies and more!

Bottom Line?

If you are looking to revolutionise the way you trade and build your crypto-based portfolio whilst taking advantage of eToro’s many added benefits, join them today!

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