An Introduction to XM’s Live Education Rooms

Whether you are an experienced trader or a novice, you can never learn enough on how to trade online, use strategies, financial tools and more.

That is why leading brokerage XM Group have invested in one of the best educational tutorials there is to offer because they know that investment in knowledge ultimately pays off.

Choice of 3 custom-built education rooms

Aside from their free forex seminars, you can now attend any of their three custom-built education rooms from Primary (the basics), Intermediate and Advanced (professional).

XM education room types

XM education room types

The syllabus covers up-to-date information with daily live interactive trading and practical guidance.

  • Primary Education Room
  • Below you will find what the Primary education room provides. It is especially useful if you are new to trading or just want to strengthen your knowledge.

    • Daily sessions & free Access for anyone
    • Access to their education room is free for everyone with daily live interactive training in the Primary education room. This course is conducted in English by one of their internationally acclaimed instructors and is available Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 16:00 GMT.

    • The Syllabus
    • Here you will learn about major asset classes and the mechanisms of the world markets and price movements of forex, equities, bonds and commodities. You will learn about pips, leverage, lots and margin and how to open a trading account on XMs MT4 and MT5 platforms.

    XM primary education room live

    XM primary education room live

  • Intermediate Education Room
  • The intermediate education room helps you to develop and fine-tune your strategies.

    Live daily sessions for validated XM account holders

    XM intermediate education room

    XM intermediate education room

    • The intermediate education room is only for validated XM account holders and runs from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 11:30 GMT and 13:00 to 14:00 GMT and is conducted in English.
    • The syllabus
    • Here you will find out about Ichimoku, the Avramis Ribbon, the Bollinger Bands, the Avramis River, Kinko Hyo, ADX and the Parabolic SAR. A trading expert is available to answer any questions regarding online trading and technical analysis techniques.

  • Advanced Education Room
  • This training gives you a feel of real online trading. Here, you will gain experience using strategies and techniques.

    Sessions only for VIP account holders

    The advanced education room is only validated for VIP account holders who have in the past three months deposited at least 500 USD. The course runs daily from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 10:00 GMT and 14:30 to 16:00 GMT which is conducted in English.

    The Syllabus

    Here you will gain experience using strategies and techniques which consists of:

    • Multiple time-frame techniques
    • Market analysis tools
    • Charting techniques
    • Algorithmic automated trading tools of Tradepedia

    What is Tradepedia?

    Tradepedia is a much sought-after and leading online investing educational institution, a training educator and is used for educational purposes, analyzing financial markets together with coaching and mentoring programs.

    The training is based on its theoretical analysis of markets, providing examples which are based on the theories of how a trader might choose a trade. It is hypothetical and has limitations based on hypothetical results.

That’s not all…

At the conclusion of the training, you will find that you have the ability to increase your financial security and freedom and profit returns, be more disciplined and able to cope with uncertainty.

Here’s a sample video on what you can expect from their live education room:

Access XM’s Education Rooms Now!

Legal disclaimer: This information is not and should not be construed to be an investment advice relating to CFDs. XM will not make CFD recommendations to you of any kind. XM will only provide you with information on how CFDs work, as well as general market information for currencies and other Underlying Instruments.

Meet the Team of Instructors

Now, no training program can be successful without a knowledgeable, inspiring and dedicated instructor. At XM, they have a whole team of instructors, some of whom you are likely to meet during the various courses.

First, we will meet Avramis Despotis who is the founder and CEO of Tradepedia, a leading online investment institution that provides automated software, trading signals and market reports.

His expertise is in technical analysis, behavioral finance and risk management and is an authority in price action trading. He is certified by numerous financial institutions and holds an MSc in Finance. He is a specialist in stocks and derivatives.

A guru

Called by one of his clients ‘Master Guru of Trading’, his expertise is often called upon by top-tier global firms for advice and to provide expert-level training. Some of his clients are the National Commercial Bank, Emirates NBD, MenaCorp, Abu Dhabi National Bank and more.

With over 20 years of experience, he has mentored over 20,000 private and institutional traders across Europe and the Middle East.

He developed and designed the tools, precisely for automated trading for the popular platforms MetaStock and MetaTrader which are designed to take the leg work out of technical analyses.

Meet Mario Pashardes who was mentored by Avramis Despotis. He is the Director of Asia and the chief strategist of Tradepedia LLC. He graduated from the University of Southampton with a BSc in Economics and Econometrics and has an MSc in E-Business and Innovation and has a strong background in quantitative analysis.

Since 2010, he has been responsible for generating technical market reports, creating new product lines and implementing effective teaching techniques in coaching traders at all levels.

Coaches traders around the globe

Today, traders around the world use his technical analysis reports which are widely distributed to financial firms in the industry and are used on a daily basis.

He teaches technical analysis, behavioral finance and risk management at all levels, from beginners, to private investors, institutional traders, portfolio managers in Asia, the Middle East and throughout Europe.

He has a unique and innovative teaching method which is highly effective and is able to communicate technical concepts and techniques simply to his students.

With his focus on evolving sustainable risk-adjusted returns throughout the market cycles, his students gain a wealth of information that can be used in trading.

Next, we have Nizar Chaibi who is a specialist EUR/USD trader and who worked at two of the biggest French banks, Caisse d’Epargne and Banque Populaire.

If you are looking to advance your knowledge in the online investing practices then his expertise is definitely a bonus for you. Today at Tradepedia LLC, he is the Technical Analysis Instructor and responsible for the North Africa and Francophone countries.

You may have heard of Habib Akiki or seen him on local and international TV channels and business magazines, he is the professional media speaker of Tradepedia LLC, senior market strategist and head instructor for the MENA region.

Note: The MENA region spans from Morocco to Iran and is sometimes called the ‘Greater Middle East’.

He has numerous diplomas and degrees concentrating on ‘Banking & Finance’. His 10 years of experience spans foreign exchange, fixed-income securities, tradable commodities, equities, money markets and derivatives on the global markets.

Instructor of technical analysis Jarek Duque is the man in charge of all the Latin American countries. His expertise is in risk management, technical analysis and trading psychology and a specialist in futures and money management in the US market, more specifically at CME.

In addition to this impressive list of accomplishments, he is also a programmer and developer of indicators and trading strategies at Tradepedia LLC.

Charalambos Spyridis is a full-time instructor and technical analyst at Tradepedia LLC, he is responsible for CFD markets with strategies based on automated systems that scan the markets and evaluate trends, including manual systems that search for opportunities in optimal online investing.

He started his education at the University of Brighton acquiring a degree in Architecture and a Master’s degree in Architecture at Oxford.

During his studies, he got keenly interested and immersed himself in the capital markets, with emphasis on technical analysis and its applications. He went on to open his own equity, where he actively managed client funds after acquiring a certification in investment management.

Sompop Jittrakul is the official professional instructor of XM in Thailand since 2015, holds degrees in Communication and Media an in Information Technology.

He has been active for over 10 years in online marketing and media and then in 2007 founded the biggest Thai forex forum introducing them to online forex trading.

Karl Praz is the instructor for Mexico at Tradepedia, speaks several languages and holds a degree in law. He graduated from the Erickson Coaching International Institute in Vancouver.

He became interested in the financial sector and studied technical analysis of stocks, derivatives and options, specializing in forex.

Jonathan Lou Reyes, founder of the Philippines Association of Forex Traders Inc., is the Tradepedia instructor for the Philippines and for many years has been the key speaker of forex seminars in the Philippines and the online webinar instructor of XM.

He has solid experience in the forex market and helps novice retail traders to succeed in the online investing endeavors.

Technical analysis instructor for the MENA region of Tradepedia LLC, Mohamed Ragaa has eight years of experience in the financial markets. He has degrees in Business Administration specializing in Management Information Systems, and a Business Administration degree specializing in Investment Management.

He brings to Tradepedia a wealth of experience after working as a Technical Analyst and as an equities and fixed-income trader covering different markets at a top brokerage firm in Egypt.

Last but not least, there is Mohd Helmi Izani who has been actively involved in the financial industry, with emphasis especially in forex online trading. He is the founder of Ingenious Trading Mastery focusing on delivering education with the use of fundamental analysis, technical analysis and risk management.

In his many years of experience, he has helped hundreds of traders across Malaysia acquire new skills and knowledge needed in the financial industry. He successfully excites and motivates participants imparting knowledge so that traders can achieve success.

The best part?

Today, you can participate and sign-up at the brand new live education program at XM.

You will have a unique opportunity to benefit and acquire skills on a variety of topics such as Candlestick Patterns, Money Management, Trader Psychology and lots more.

Bottom line?

Register today! XM have excelled and put together one of the most exciting education programs around and it is an opportunity not to be missed!

Get to meet the team of instructors or after reading their impressive list of accomplishments, (the Dream Team, Guru’s) whose experience and wealth of information will set you on to a wiser and more lucrative path in investing.

Access XM’s Education Rooms Now!

Legal disclaimer: This information is not and should not be construed to be an investment advice relating to CFDs. XM will not make CFD recommendations to you of any kind. XM will only provide you with information on how CFDs work, as well as general market information for currencies and other Underlying Instruments.


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