How to Buy Apple (AAPL) Stock: An Easy 5-Step Guide for Beginner Traders 2021

Interested to add Apple stocks in your trading portfolio?
Follow these simple and basic steps on how to buy Apple shares.


Status: Active

Sector: Technology

Industry: Consumer Electronics

Symbol: AAPL

Exchange: NASDAQ

Employees: 137,000


If you're looking to invest in a high-growth company then buying Apple shares is potentially a good deal.



With more than 60% of Americans owning an Apple product and being one of the biggest companies in the world, there's no question why many people are interested in buying its stock.


Do take note:

You need to carefully weigh in your current financial situation and goals before trading stocks.


In this page, we'll give you a simple step-by-step guide on how to buy Apple stocks.



We'll include some of the current top brokerages in the market today which have platforms where you can invest on this particular financial instrument.

And as a bonus, we'll even include our own forecast and outlook on how this multinational technology company will perform in the coming months and years.


If you're ready, then let's begin!



Why Buy Apple Stock?

Apple stocks

There are some factors that you need to consider first prior to buying or selling Apple stocks.



It is important for you to understand Apple's company history and its business model.


To begin with...

Apple is able to sustain its dominance in the technology devices market raking in outlandish profits thanks to its lineup of premium products including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPods and Apple Watch.


Fact is:

The company has been very successful in continuously increasing their revenue which can be credited to their design engineering and diversification of its services to lessen its reliance on the sales of its iPhones which currently holds the second spot of the market share in the smartphone industry just behind Samsung.

Apple products

Apple products

As of press time, Apple's has around 30% of smartphone users worldwide and while this may be lower that what it used to be, it remains to be the biggest player in the premium smartphone segment.


In addition to this...

Its Mac and iPad product lines are improving on a year-over-year basis after years of unremarkable growth.

This is expected as companies are forced to embrace remote working and permanently shift working patterns due to the Coronavirus outbreak hence the increase in demand for PC's and laptops.


There's more...

Apple’s services business is continuously accelerating making it a part of company's revenue mix for years to come.

The services division includes the App Store, Apple Pay, Apple Music, Apple Care, streaming and cloud services, and various licensing deals to name a few.



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How can you actually use this?

This is beneficial regardless if you're a beginner or an experienced trader.

Via their copy trading platforms, you will be able to gain based from the wisdom of the crowd if you're a newbie by following and copying the portfolio of top-performing investors.


On the other hand...

If you are an experienced trader, you will be able to share your knowledge and make a profit as other traders follow and copy your portfolio.

Apple stock trading on eToro's platform

Apple stock trading on eToro's platform

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That means you won't incur any charges for markups, management, tickets or dealing when you open or close a stock position with this broker - a notable advantage since majority of brokerages impose much of these fees for buying or selling stocks.


They also have a next generation and thematic approach to investing called CopyPortfolios which comes in two types:

  1. Top Trader Portfolios - this bundles together groups of professional traders on the platform so you as a single trade can have the opportunity to invest based on their combined knowledge and experience.
  2. Market Portfolios - this focuses a particular sector so you can invest not just with one financial instrument but also with its key competitors in the market. So in this case, you can not only trade in Apple stocks but also with other popular company shares in the technology sector under one selected market strategy.


Here's the best part:

It is a fully regulated broker as it adheres to the strict guidelines of different regulatory bodies including the following:

  • CySEC – Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission
  • FCA – Financial Conduct Authority
  • ASIC – Australian Securities and Investments Commission



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Trading stock CFDs has become increasingly popular globally and one of the most prominent brands in this industry is Plus500. If you want to know more about this broker in detail, you may read our comprehensive review here.


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CFD transactions also enable stock traders to speculate (and profit from) on Apple’s price action whether it will rise or fall.

Via Plus500 proprietary platform, you can trade on Apple shares and even other company stocks from popular markets like Facebook   ( ), Microsoft   ( ), Alphabet (Google)   ( ), Netflix   ( ) and Amazon   ( ) by opening Buy or Sell positions.

Apple stock trading on Plus500's WebTrader platform

Apple stock trading on Plus500's WebTrader platform

Illustrative prices only


That's not all...

You can also have more control over the potential profits and losses by utilizing the integrated risk management tools.

Flexible trading in share CFDs is also possible with this broker and with a leverage of up to 1:30, you can start trading with a minimum of $100 in your account to gain the effect of $3,000 capital!


Here's another interesting feature: sector indices

Via these unique indices, you will be able to invest on a basket of stocks that are grouped by a specific market sector and capitalize on popular trading trends in the stock market with just a single instrument.


For example:

Aside from investing solely in Apple stocks you can also explore profitable trading opportunities via the NYSE FANG+ index futures CFD which is an index of 10 next-generation tech companies including Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Baidu, NVIDIA and more.


To top it off...

Plus500 operates with licenses from the following financial regulators:

  • Plus500CY Ltd authorized & regulated by CySEC (#250/14).
  • Plus500UK Ltd authorised & regulated by the FCA (#509909).
  • Plus500SG Pte Ltd, licensed by the MAS (#CMS100648-1) and IE Singapore (#PLUS/CBL/2018).
  • Plus500AU Pty Ltd (ACN 153301681), licensed by:
    ASIC in Australia, AFSL #417727, FMA in New Zealand, FSP #486026; Authorised Financial Services Provider in South Africa, FSP #47546. You do not own or have any rights to the underlying assets. Please refer to the Disclosure documents available on the website.


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Apple Stock Performance


For the past 5 years, Apple's profit margins ranges around 20% and it is significantly much more stable and higher compared to its competitors.


It gets better...

Market analysts are currently predicting a significant forward P/E ratio (forward price-to-earnings ratio) for Apple based on the earnings projections made for the next years.


Take a look at the table below and see Apple's stock performance in comparison with its competitors:


Name Symbol 52 Week High 52 Week Low Forward P/E Ratio

And another thing...

Apple is part of the so-called FAANG cluster, a stocks acronym of the 5 most prominent technology companies: Facebook (FB), Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL), Netflix (NFLX) and Alphabet (GOOG).

Initially, it was just FANG but with Apple joining the powerhouse in 2017, a second A was added to the acronym.


Apple Stock Forecast

Below is a quick summary of our outlook for Apple's stock based on the current market data and expectations.


Do take note:

Our forecasts do not guarantee of future performance and involve risks and therefore, actual market outcomes and results may differ from what was forecasted due to numerous factors and circumstances.


2020: Still an Upbeat Outlook

Apple posted a quarterly revenue of $58.3 billion for Q2 2020 which increased by 1 percent compared to the same financial report that was released a year ago.


Despite the disastrous effect of the COVID-19 pandemic sending shockwaves through the stock markets, the company still managed to grow slightly and the impact was not terrible by any means.

And even if global sales are affected due to the pandemic, it will most likely pick up since supply disruptions can drive the company's the shares to go higher.

Apple Q2 2020 financial report

Apple Q2 2020 financial report


Our outlook for Apple's stock growth this year is ranging from low to medium.


2021: A Potential Rebound

Apples's planned product innovations and lineups for 2020 are likely to be pushed the next year and some of them are promising including rumors of smart glasses.


In addition:

The tech giant is also planning develop its own main processors for this Mac computers and market it by 2021.

Designing in-house chips will allow them to have more control over the performance their devices and this will give them superiority over their competitors in terms of speed.

Apple Mac products

Apple Mac products

For these reasons, the outlook for Apple's stock growth ranges from medium to high.


2022: Wearables Are All the Buzz

Apple's record holiday earnings were well above the predictions of market experts and this can be credited to the company's wearables lines including the AirPods and Apple Watch.


Why is this important?

This all-time record signals that there's a huge consumer demand for smart wearables and the bets are much higher for the upcoming AR glasses which would fuel a market craze for such gadgets.

Apple smart watch

Apple smart watch

Considering all of these, our stock market growth outlook for Apple is medium.


How to Buy Apple Stock?

  1. Open an account with an online broker.

    In order for you to buy Apple stock and other company shares, first you need to open an account with a brokerage which offers a platform for trading.
    Signing-up for an account only takes a few minutes to accomplish and after completing this process, you need to make a deposit so you can start investing.


  3. Open your broker's trading platform.

    Let's say you have opened an account with a specific brokerage and you have already funded it. The next step to do is to open their platform to start trading.

    eToro trading platform

    eToro trading platform


  5. Look for the Apple stock (symbol: AAPL).

    After opening the platform, search for the Apple stock by using the search bar and entering either "Apple" or its stock symbol "AAPL".

    Searching for Apple stock on eToro's platform

    Searching for Apple stock on eToro's platform


  7. Select Buy and set the amount.

    Click on "Buy" and specify the amount that you wish to invest. You may also set several specific parameters depending the features that are offered to you by your broker.

    Buying Apple stocks on eToro's platform

    Buying Apple stocks on eToro's platform


  9. Execute the order.

    Initiate the trade by executing the order.

    Executing order on eToro's platform

    Executing order on eToro's platform



Should I buy Apple stock?

That's the big question.

We believe that this tech giant can keep its innovative edge and continue to drive growth and this is the reason why Apple' stocks are doing so well.


So are you are ready to trade Apple shares?

If you are, we strongly recommend that you find a trusted and regulated brokerage firm to ensure the safety of your funds and bring you peace of mind.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Much is the Apple Stock?

Here is the current stock market price of   ( )


Who Owns the Most Shares of Apple?

Apple does not have a single owner since it is a publicly-traded company. The Vanguard Group is the current largest shareholder of Apple with equities of 321,838,023 at 7.36% as of this writing.


How Many Outstanding Shares Does Apple Have?

Based on the latest statistics, Apple's outstanding shares were 4.33 billion.


Where Can I Buy Apple Stock?

You can buy Apple stock from an online brokerage firm. However, there are also online brokers that offer CFD (contracts for difference) platforms where you can speculate on the rising or falling price of Apple shares.


Best Brokers for Buying Apple Stocks

Below are the most trusted and regulated brokers that we recommend for you to trade Apple stock CFDs. Simply click on the Apple Page button of your chosen broker and we'll take you straight to their stock trading page.


Broker Features Rating Official Site

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Trading Forex and CFDs involves significant risk of capital loss. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.