How to Trade IBM (International Business Machines) Stock: Trading Guide 2022

IBM is a technological giant which has been synonymous to strength and stability throughout decades. But has the speed of recent technological trends made it harder for this giant to catch up?

If you would like to be guided on how to perform the necessary trades depending on how IBM might proceed with their innovation, we will provide you with a quick overview. Read the rest of the article.


Status: Active

Sector: Technology

Industry: Information Technology Services

Symbol: IBM

Exchange: NYSE

Employees: 352,600+


To begin with…

It is not a secret that IBM has struggled with their revenue growth over the past few years.


However, this tech titan has started to shift its strategy to that of cloud computing and has set its sights to compete with the leaders in that sector.


Last 2019, it acquired Red Hat for $34 billion. And the impact of this strategy shift has already been noticeable, as the cloud accounted for 35% of the overall revenue of the company – which is up from 25% one year ago.

The total year-on-year revenue growth generated by cloud has increased to 34%, which is up from 23% from the previous quarter.

IBM's hybrid cloud solutions

IBM's hybrid cloud solutions

The key factor here is the company’s commitment and focus on the hybrid cloud strategy.


Another thing to note…

It is important to consider your over-all financial well-being before participating in the financial markets.

The future is uncertain, and risks are involved.

Having said that, provided below is a guideline on how to trade IBM shares.



Why Trade IBM Stock?

trade ibm stocks

This tech giant is now evolving in its strategy.

With their shift towards cloud computing – they are specifically focusing on the hybrid cloud solution.


Why does this matter?

The hybrid cloud solution – which can run on any aggregate of private or public clouds – might serve as an opportunity for serious growth.

The research firm IDC conducted a study which yielded the possibility of around 90% of the companies globally might be using multiple clouds 2 years from now.

The Red Hat acquisition enables IBM to be a significant player in the hybrid cloud industry.


Even with that outlook and the company’s strategic positioning in that market, the market currently values the company at only around 11 times its forward earnings.

There is still a significant upside potential if the company should deliver in the future.

All eyes on the developments on this potential revenue stream.



There has also been an increase in IBM’s strategic partnerships with other companies.

In the second quarter, IBM has developed partnerships with Adobe Systems, CaixaBank, and Verizon.

The hybrid cloud solution is also suited for helping companies in heavy-regulated industries better deal with the regulations set forth by the different countries where they have operations in.

Thus, the potential for growth is there.



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IBM stock trading on eToro's platform

IBM stock trading on eToro's platform


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IBM stock trading on Plus500's WebTrader platform

IBM stock trading on Plus500's WebTrader platform

Illustrative prices only


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IBM Stock Performance


It began the year 2020 by closing at $135.42/share; and is currently trading at a range for the year.



IBM Stock Forecast

We’ve also provided an overview of how we perceive the company will fare in the near future. 


Now get this:

These forecasts are not guaranteeing of any future price performance whatsoever, and financial risks are involved.


2020: The Old Titan is Finally Adjusting

After a series of disappointing revenue growth in recent periods, this tech giant has now started to implement a strategic change via its acquisitions.

IBM products and services

IBM products and services


2021: Accelerating Transition

By focusing on the hybrid cloud solution, the company maybe able to tap in the high growth potential in this target market.

And it may also even be able to leverage its consulting business arm while at it.

Hybrid cloud solution

Hybrid cloud solution


How to Trade IBM Stock?

Simply follow the steps below and you're good to go:

  1. Open an account with an online broker.

    For you to trade IBM stock and other company shares, first you need to open an account with a brokerage which offers a platform for trading.
    Signing-up for an account only takes a few minutes to accomplish and after completing this process, you need to make a deposit so you can start investing.


  3. Open your broker's trading platform.

    Let's say you have opened an account with a specific brokerage and you have already funded it. The next step to do is to open their platform to start trading.

    eToro trading platform

    eToro trading platform


  5. Look for the IBM stock (symbol: IBM).

    After opening the platform, search for the IBM stock by using the search bar and entering either "IBM" or its stock symbol "IBM".

    Searching for IBM stock on eToro's platform

    Searching for IBM stock on eToro's platform


  7. Select Trade and set the amount.

    Click on "Trade" and specify the amount that you wish to invest. You may also set several specific parameters depending the features that are offered to you by your broker.

    Trading IBM stocks on eToro's platform

    Trading IBM stocks on eToro's platform


  9. Execute the order.

    Initiate the trade by executing the order.

    Executing order on eToro's platform IBM

    Executing order on eToro's platform




Should I trade IBM stock?


IBM's share price is currently trading at only 11 times its forward earnings.


The market may have already factored in the disappointing growth in recent periods.

Then it may mean that the upside potential is attractive should the company be able to succeed in the hybrid-cloud market.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Much is the IBM Stock?

Here is the current stock market price of   ( )


Who Owns the Most Shares of IBM?

As of June 30th of this year, the top three institutional holders are The Vanguard Group Inc, SSgA Funds Management Inc, and the Blackrock Fund Advisors.


How Many Outstanding Shares Does IBM Have?

As of June 30th of this year, IBM has 0.895 billion shares outstanding.


Where Can I Trade IBM Stock?

You may start trading IBM shares from either eToro or Plus500. Rest assured that they are industry leaders which have intuitive platforms for you to be able to trade various CFD instruments.


Best Brokers for Trading IBM Stocks

Decided to trade IBM stock CFDs? Below are our recommended list of licensed and regulated brokerage firms which offer this specific financial instrument on their platforms.

Simply click on the IBM Page of your broker of choice and you'll be directed straight to their stock trading page.


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Trading Forex and CFDs involves significant risk of capital loss. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.