How to Trade Merck (MRK) Stock: Trading Guide 2022

One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and among the leading innovators of developing modern medicines, Merck now has a market cap of 203.88B and still growing in revenue and market share.

Interested to invest in Merck? Here's a basic trading guide to get you started.


Status: Active

Sector: Healthcare

Industry: Drug Manufacturers

Symbol: MRK

Exchange: NYSE

Employees: 71,000+



Merck is coming from what is considered as the company's "best annual revenue growth in ten years" in 2019 when it hit a sale of $46.82 billion. Even better, in 2020, financial analysts and watchers expect the company's sales to soar between $48-$50 billion with an income projecting to leap to almost 10% or around the equivalent of around $6.00 increase per share.


And there’s more…

Just this year alone, Merck has acquired Themis Bioscience—a company renowned for developing vaccines and immune-modulation rehabilitations for infectious diseases—, IdentiGen and Quantified Ag.


Bear in mind…

In this article, we will study the stock performance and forecasts of Merck along with other developments that will help shape the company more in the future. Also, on this article, we will tackle other facts that may help you make a sound decision to invest on Merck’s shares.


Please take note…

It is better to always bet on companies that has exhibited consistent strong performance in: revenue, market shares and stock value, to attain increased chances of getting a high-yielding return for your investment.


Additionally, …

We will also share to you about eToro and Plus500—two world-renowned CFD (contact for difference) trading platforms that are attracting the attention of investors in the world today.

If you’re ready, then let’s check out Merck’s attractive stocks.



Why Trade Merck Stock?


Fact is:

With a long story of outstanding performance in the pharmacy industry, Merck serves as an obvious example of former US President Theodore Roosevelt's big stick ideology. "Merck speaks softly and carries a big stick", David Risinger, a pharma analyst at Morgan Stanley, describes the business-like approach of Merck in consistently performing well. From developing leading medicines to fight cancer to being at the forefront of the Covid-19 vaccine race, Merck is looking at a very profitable several years in the future.

Simply said...

“Over the next five years, we expect strong revenue growth based on demand for our innovative medicines and vaccines, mainly from those that are already approved.”

Robert Davis, the CFO of Merck, told Barron’s Publication



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Merck stock trading on eToro's platform

Merck stock trading on eToro's platform

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Illustrative prices only


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Merck Stock Performance

The last few years have seen Merck's stock rise sharply to 63% from 2018, a positive development that mirrored the company's almost 17% growth in revenue during the same period.


Despite the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Merck appear heading for more revenue and earnings growth—especially with Merck leading the charge in developing a couple of experimental Covid-19 coronavirus vaccines.

In fact ...

Buoyed by the blockbuster cancer drug Keytruda and the promising trials of Covid-19 vaccines being developed by the company, Merck is gearing up for further steady revenue growth and earnings that will put its stocks in a more appealing position to investors.


Merck Stock Forecast

Below is a summary of our analysis and forecast of Merck’s share value as dictated by current market performance and future company plans.


Do take note:

Our predictions do not guarantee a precise result as Merck’s future stock performance can be altered by cases of unforeseen and uncontrollable events that may affect the global economy in the future.  


2020: Keeping Consistent Revenue Growth into the Post-Pandemic World

Despite the crippling Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, Merck and along with the rest of the pharmaceutical industry, are in a race to put a stop to the pandemic by developing a vaccine. With promising clinical trials, hopes are high for the planet to transition sooner to a post-pandemic world. Following this promising forecast, is Merck’s consistent strong market performance that is expected to generate revenue growth for the year and beyond.


Our outlook for Merck’s stock growth this year—despite the ongoing pandemic— ranges from low to medium.


2021: Leading the Future of Vaccine Development

By applying the wisdoms learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, Merck is positioning itself to lead the charge in vaccine development and manufacturing. This direction will not only lead to higher revenue and income it will also help ensure human suffering will be greatly alleviated when dealing with existing and new diseases in the future.

Because of this exciting development in the future, the outlook for Merck’s stock growth rises from medium to high.


How to Trade Merck Stock?

Simply follow the steps below and you're good to go:

  1. Open an account with an online broker.

    For you to trade Merck stock and other company shares, first you need to open an account with a brokerage which offers a platform for trading.
    Signing-up for an account only takes a few minutes to accomplish and after completing this process, you need to make a deposit so you can start investing.


  3. Open your broker's trading platform.

    Let's say you have opened an account with a specific brokerage and you have already funded it. The next step to do is to open their platform to start trading.

    eToro trading platform

    eToro trading platform


  5. Look for the Merck stock (symbol: MRK).

    After opening the platform, search for the Merck stock by using the search bar and entering either "Merck" or its stock symbol "MRK".

    Searching for Merck stock on eToro's platform

    Searching for Merck stock on eToro's platform


  7. Select Trade and set the amount.

    Click on "Trade" and specify the amount that you wish to invest. You may also set several specific parameters depending the features that are offered to you by your broker.

    Trading Merck stocks on eToro's platform

    Trading Merck stocks on eToro's platform


  9. Execute the order.

    Initiate the trade by executing the order.

    Executing order on eToro's platform Merck

    Executing order on eToro's platform




Should I trade Merck stock?

Yes. No Pharmaceutical company in the world today that is in a prime position of staring at huge revenue ahead. As one of the leaders in the development of the Covid-19 vaccine, Merck's future is in a solid place to chart increased revenue in the coming years. Add to that a series of acquisitions that bolstered the profile of Merck and cemented its reputation as a pharmaceutical giant, analysts believe its stock price will perform even better in the future.

So, are you are ready to trade Merck shares?

If you are now convinced on investing on Merck stocks, then we highly recommend that you look for a trusted and regulated brokerage firm that can assure you proper management and control of your investment, and also supply you with a peace of mind.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Much is the Merck Stock?

Here is the current stock market price of   ( )


Who Owns the Most Shares of Merck?

The Vanguard Group currently owns the largest shares of Merck with 200,143,024 or 7.91% of the company’s total stocks.


How Many Outstanding Shares Does Merck Have?

Based on the most recent financial disclosure, Merck’s outstanding shares is 2.53 billion.


Where Can I Trade Merck Stock?

You can trade and sell Merck stocks from two of the world’s most reputable online trading brokerages: eToro and Plus500. Both delivers trademarked trading platforms that are regarded todays as the best investing tool for CFD (contracts for difference) trading. Both apps are the perfect tools to use when it comes to speculating on the rising and dropping stock prices of valuable commodities like Merck.


Best Brokers for Trading Merck Stocks

Below are the best brokers regulated and licensed online brokerages where you can trade Merck stocks CFDs.

And to get started is really not that complicated. Just click on the Merck Page of your chosen broker and you'll be directed straight to their stock trading page.


Broker Features Rating Official Site

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Trading Forex and CFDs involves significant risk of capital loss. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.