How to Trade Starbucks (SBUX) Stock: Trading Guide 2022

The most popular coffeehouse chain in the world, Starbucks remains a solid company that keeps on brewing successful ventures and enriching consumers’ coffee drinking experience.

Interested in trading Starbucks stocks? We will tell you how.


Status: Active

Sector: Consumer Cyclical

Industry: Restaurants

Symbol: SBUX

Exchange: NMS

Employees: 346,000



In this article, you will learn the stock forecast of Starbucks and follow a guide on how to trade Starbucks stocks with the help of today’s highly trusted multi-asset brokerage companies.


Founded in 1971, Starbucks has grown to a major player in the coffeehouse chain industry by having more than 30,000 branches in more than 70 countries across the globe.


From its IPO in 1992, Starbucks only has less than 150 outlets and a revenue of $73.5 million. By 2019, it is already ranked number 132 on the Fortune 500 list of the most profitable corporations in the United States.


This sustained success mirrored the strong performance of its value on the stock market.


A Company synonymous to “Coffee”

Its very rare for a company to become synonymous to a product that most of the world’s population consume at least once a day.

In this case, its “coffee”.

Starbucks coffee

Starbucks coffee

For Starbucks to become tantamount to this all-time favorite drink, is a testament to the company’s stunning success.

A kind of sustained winning formula that is expected to continue for many more years.


Following this forecast, it is easy to predict that the stocks of Starbucks will also follow an uphill trend.


Paying dividends

Starbucks has been generous to its shareholders since it started paying dividend in 2010. Since then, they have increased these pay-outs in the succeeding years.


The earliest investors of Starbucks have been rewarded greatly.

For investors who bought $10,000 worth of shares of Starbucks at $17 when it went public, their investment came to cost more than $2.6 million in May 2020.


Before you start, bear this in mind:

Beginning a trading career ISN'T that simple.

You first need to come up with a plan. You just don’t go trading stocks without putting much thought into it.

With our help, we will lead you to craft a strategy and set a financial goal based on your current financial situation.

Second, we will recommend to you the best multi-asset brokerage companies to help you manage your stock portfolio better.


In this article:

We will let you know all the strong points of Starbucks as a company and how it will reflect to its stock value in a positive way.

We will also guide you on how to trade Starbucks stocks.


And there’s more...

To make your life easier when it comes to managing your stock portfolio, we will introduce you to eToro and Plus500.

These are two of the leading firms in online trading today and are highly-recommended multi-asset brokerage companies used by a fast-increasing number of traders because of their highly innovative trading platforms.


And to further guide you make sound financial decisions, we will also share our unbiased forecast on the future of Starbucks stock.


If you’re ready, then let’s start brewing high-yielding stocks.



Why Trade Starbucks Stock?

why trade starbucks stocks

Before you decide on trading stocks, make sure to learn about the company you’re investing on.

The best place to start is to learn its historical stock performance as well as getting an image of what the company’s future would be like.



Other than understanding the performance of Starbucks stocks, you need to familiarize yourself on how they generate revenue and the scope of their business model.


To start with:

The 2020 global pandemic while momentarily threatened Starbucks’ presence worldwide, but it has also given the company a chance to understand a new economic model by paying attention to the untapped potential of mobile delivery.


Starbucks is closely studying where consumers will gravitate on how they want their morning cup of coffee to be delivered to them.

These qualities of learning to adapt to the ever-changing preference of consumers will result into higher revenues and will make Starbucks a more attractive stock to traders.


Not surprising...

Starbucks is expected to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic a stronger company geared to more innovation that will make the Starbucks experience more pleasant for consumers.


Not to mention...

Alibaba—China's e-commerce giant—has joined forces with Starbucks to develop a payment feature called "Starbucks Now" across different Alibaba Digital Economy platforms.

This will allow consumers to pre-order Starbucks drink and pick it up in person at the many Starbucks location in China.


Because of this, Starbucks products will become more accessible to China's almost 1 billion citizens.



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Starbucks stock trading on Plus500's WebTrader platform

Illustrative prices only


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Starbucks Stock Performance


The stock value of Starbucks reached its all-time high on July 26, 2019 at $99.11.


The way to higher stock value

How is Starbucks stock doing?

Despite the threat of the 2020 Global Pandemic to the operations of Starbucks, the company remains as an attractive pick for investors.

If its strong historical stock performance will serve as an indicator, expect Starbucks’ value to pick up steam before 2020 ends and in the succeeding years.



During the 1st quarter of 2020, the number of bullish hedge fund positions on Starbucks grew by 3% compared to the previous quarter.


It gets better...

Financial watchers see a robust future for Starbucks with a rating of “trade” as also backed up by many trusted brokers.


Starbucks Stock Forecast

Below is a summary of Starbucks’ future plans and followed by our forecast of the company’s stock movement in the coming years.


Take note:

Our stock prediction should only be taken as a guide to help you make a sound decision on whether to invest on the company now.

All our forecasts are based on current situation of the company, the worldwide economy and current market trends.

Certain factors brought on by unforeseen events may cause dissimilar results from what we forecasted.


2020: Bouncing Back from the Global Pandemic

2020 should be the start of Starbucks' new five-year plan.

But while the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic momentarily put the world into a grinding halt, the company set back some of its grand plans—momentarily.


Not so surprisingly…

Nevertheless, the company is managing to bounce back by slowly going back to its original plans of expanding to more countries by aiming to add 30,000 additional locations worldwide.

Starbucks expanding its stores

Starbucks expanding its stores


Brewing a bright future

Despite the hiccups brought on by the lockdowns around the world due to the pandemic, our forecast for Starbucks is starting to re-open into a promising year-end stock performance.

We expect Starbucks stock growth this year to be medium to high-yield.


2021: An Eco-friendlier Service with More Expansion

Starbucks will aim to become an eco-friendlier company by 2021.

They intend to achieve this by reducing the use of plastic cups and straws to zero throughout all their stores.

Starbucks to become more eco-friendly

Starbucks to become more eco-friendly

Other than this, Starbucks is also committed to adding plant-based food items on their menu.

This is expected to further lure more customers—especially the young ones who are supportive of corporations offering Earth-friendly solutions.

Starbucks is also looking to put up thousands of new stores around the world and create 100,000 additional jobs by 2021.


2022 and Beyond: Conquering Mobile App Transaction Market

Learning from the lessons of the 2020 global pandemic, Starbucks look to enhance its mobile transaction app in order to corner additional consumers who prefer ordering their coffee drink from anywhere.

By using the Starbucks mobile app, customers can easily order, customize their drink and have it deliver to their homes or while standing in line or basically everywhere they may be.

Starbucks mobile app

Starbucks mobile app

By attracting more consumers to purchase Starbucks products through their mobile phones will equate to mind-blowing additional revenue for the company AND higher stock value of its shareholders.

Based on our forecast and close analysis of Starbucks direction as a company, we peg Starbucks stock growth to range from medium to high.


How to Trade Starbucks Stock?

Simply follow the steps below and you're good to go:

  1. Open an account with an online broker.

    For you to trade Starbucks stock and other company shares, first you need to open an account with a brokerage which offers a platform for trading.
    Signing-up for an account only takes a few minutes to accomplish and after completing this process, you need to make a deposit so you can start investing.


  3. Open your broker's trading platform.

    Let's say you have opened an account with a specific brokerage and you have already funded it. The next step to do is to open their platform to start trading.

    eToro trading platform

    eToro trading platform


  5. Look for the Starbucks stock (symbol: SBUX).

    After opening the platform, search for the Starbucks stock by using the search bar and entering either "Starbucks" or its stock symbol "SBUX".

    Searching for Starbucks stock on eToro's platform

    Searching for Starbucks stock on eToro's platform


  7. Select Trade and set the amount.

    Click on "Trade" and specify the amount that you wish to invest. You may also set several specific parameters depending the features that are offered to you by your broker.

    Trading Starbucks stocks on eToro's platform

    Trading Starbucks stocks on eToro's platform


  9. Execute the order.

    Initiate the trade by executing the order.

    Executing order on eToro's platform Starbucks

    Executing order on eToro's platform



Should I trade Starbucks stock?

Yes. Despite taking a fall due to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, the stocks of Starbucks is near the “trade zone” according to financial watchers.

This is due to the long history of success of the company in achieving growth. The decline in stock price can become a blessing in disguise for new tradeers as the temporary dip in Starbucks stocks is expected to only signal a major bounce back especially when the world slowly work back to normalcy.


So, are you ready to start brewing Starbucks stocks?

The stock market may have entered a rough patch during the pandemic, but if there are companies that are sure to get back up on its feet and continue a sustained growth, Starbucks should be on that list of companies.

A steady growth in Starbucks’ operations and stock value is anticipated in its immediate future.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Much is the Starbucks Stock?

Here is the current stock market price of   ( )


Who Owns the Most Shares of Starbucks?

The Vanguard Group Inc.—an investment company—currently owns the most Starbucks stock with 91,002,442 shares and an estimated value of $ 6,696,869,706.


How Many Outstanding Shares Does Starbucks Have?

Based on the last market closing, Starbucks’ outstanding shares is 1.17 billion.


Where Can I Trade Starbucks Stock?

The highly-recommended multi-asset brokerage platforms of eToro and Plus500 are great way to start trading Starbucks stocks. These are the two leading CFD (contracts for difference) trading platforms in the world today. You can trade online and learn a lot about the market everyday by using eToro or Plus500.


Best Brokers for Trading Starbucks Stocks

Based on our extensive analysis and close stock market monitoring, we recommend eToro and Plus500 as the two best brokers when trading Starbucks stocks. Alternatively, you may explore the following licensed and regulated brokerages below that offer Starbucks stock CFDs.

All you need to do is click on the Starbucks Page of your broker of choice and you'll be directed straight to their stock trading page.


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Trading Forex and CFDs involves significant risk of capital loss. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.