Rice is an agricultural commodity that is highly traded across the globe. This type of grass is a major food staple for more than half of the world's population especially those living in Asia. Its market price is greatly affected by supply and demand which can be influenced by many factors and its volatility provides many opportunities for traders to make a profit.

Take Advantage of Both Falling and Rising Rice Price Movements

You can trade rice on the most advanced platforms enjoying high leverage, competitive spreads and other important features for a more profitable trading experience. With CFDs (Contracts for Difference) you can invest on this commodity and enjoy live market rates and fast executions. Via CFDs, you will be placing a speculative order to Buy or Sell a certain amount of rice and the changes in its price will be the basis of your profit or loss. Let’s say, you believe that its value will rise. That means you need to execute a Buy trade of let’s say 30 CFDs at the price of 45. If the asset’s price rose by 15 points to 60 and you decided to close your position then you made a profit of $450 or 15 multiplied by the 30 contracts that you bought!

Opportunities From the Volatility of the Rice Market

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