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  1. Etoro’s platform has improved a lot. It’s much faster and easier to load now 👍

  2. Excellent review. I’d have to agree with the author regarding Plus500’s assets. They have much better options compared to most brands out there.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. What I really liked about InvestMarkets is that they offer full size and mini contracts for Bitcoin and other crypto’s

  4. What I like about this broker is their “Traders Trends”. This is a very nice feature to know which are the hottest assets that are being traded on their platform.

  5. Hey Ollie, you may get some bonuses from Plus500 you need to frequently check their promotion section to know when and how to get them. 😊

  6. Hi Reece this is Ellie, I was using the demo account every now and then to test my understanding of the market. And yes I do, I was able to profit around $3000 on top of the $10,000 that InvestMarkets gave initially.

  7. You can only get the first deposit bonus once, but I think they have this loyalty reward for those who frequently add money to their account.

  8. How can you describe the spread offer of Pepperstone?

  9. Hi Caleb, as per my understanding they do allow trading of Dash but not Abra.

  10. Hello there Ronin Trevor, I am just a beginner with Pepperstone but in an average, I was able to profit more than $400 a month but the risk was high as well. The profit really depends on you.

  11. Were you able to multiply the amount of your virtual money after a week?

  12. Can I get trade bonuses from this broker?

  13. How many bonuses were you able to avail from AvaTrade? Interested party here.

  14. How many cryptocurrencies were in the eToro platform? Do they allow trading of Dash and Abra?

  15. I like the demo account from InvestMarkets, I easily got those virtual money that I used to start trading. It was great, you know exactly how you can make money from their platform.

  16. How much profit you are making under this broker? Were you able to make a $400 profit every month with Pepperstone?

  17. Copy trading with eToro was easy and I guess you can copy trade everything on the assets lists.

  18. I personally like the webtrader platform from Plus500, easy to use and I don’t have problem downloading.

  19. Yes, AvaTrade do have Welcome bonuses for first time user, and you bonus depends on how much deposit you are gonna make.

  20. Pepperstone have variable low spreads with up to 1:500 leverage which made trades more profitable.

  21. No there were no changes on the minimum deposit at all.

  22. Were there any trade bonuses coming from AvaTrade?

  23. Which platform do you prefer using under the Plus500 flagship?

  24. It seems that copy trading with eToro is really simple, may I ask if you can trade all the assets in the index list?

  25. Yes Liliana, you may tell your friends to register for a investmarkets demo account and they will get $10,000 virtual money they could use to try the platform.

  26. Can I suggest to my friend to try the Invest Markets demo account so he can see how efficient it is to use the platform?

  27. If you want to copy trade under eToro platform just make sure you register, look at their platform and look for the copy trading section and you are good to go.

  28. The 1:400 leverage is not applicable to the entirety of the list, each item listed in the index have varying leverage you can use for your trading.

  29. Thanks for these details. I was able to follow these steps and deposit money into my Investmarkets account.

  30. It might be your usual or typical electronic crypto wallet but the eToro wallet is loaded with value added features that will give users a good advantage.

  31. What is the special feature of etoro cryptocurrency mobile wallet?

  32. As long as both parties don’t get to work on a good agreement then I think the sanction will continue and the the oil price won’t drop instead it will be more volatile in the future market.

  33. Can you determine which spreads do you enjoy using when trading with pepperstone?

  34. The eToro crypto wallet is available for both iOS and Android devices because they wanted to keep an eye on the global market as it grow.

  35. You may check the lists of assets, stocks, commodities, cryptos and all on their platform. They have it on MT4 platform or web platform.

  36. Trader now can immediately start trading the Binance Coin in the eToro CFD platform, but before you do, you need to analyze the risk and the profit so you may have a balance on your trade.

  37. Is the eToro crypto wallet available in Google Play?

  38. How long the sanctions would be?

  39. The eToro crypto wallet will initially support only Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash

  40. The most affected countries include South Korea, India and China because they are one of those who purchase high volume of crude oil from Iran. Leeway to prevent purchasing oil from Iran was also given to Turkey, Greece, Japan, Italy and Taiwan.

  41. Yes, I am trading with eToro for 3 years now, and I don’t have any complaints with the platform so far, and my two cents regarding the profitability, it depends on your strategy not on the platform.

  42. What alt coins does the eToro Wallet support right now?

  43. What countries are highly affected by the sanction?

  44. Were you able to trade using eToro platform? Was it more profitable than the others?

  45. I guess if you are good with taking the big risks, and if you can read between the market signals, I guess it is worth trading your stocks to make profit.

  46. I think that the failed nuclear deal between the countries involved are one of the major reason why they push through with the sanctions.

  47. After the legalization, Canada can now impost tax on the popular drug. They can promote and benefit from weed tourism without implications in inter-government agencies.

  48. Binance Coin (BNB) currently have the $8-$9 value, and I think it is one of the most stable cryptocurrency right now. They currently hold a spot on the top 20 of the cryptocurrency lists.

  49. What are the major reasons behind the sanctions for Iranian oil?

  50. Do you think it is okay to trade during the China–United States trade war?

  51. How does the Canadian government benefit from legalizing cannabis?

  52. Everything is so uncertain about this war, both are willing participants and both are willing to fight for their rights to dominate world trade. Since both US and Chinese market are on a large scale basis, they happened to affect the value of major stocks and products in the stock market.

  53. What are the current Binance Coin value, is it worth trading?

  54. Do you ever think that this China–United States trade war is going to end? And how is it making the market volatile?

  55. At first glance, it seems that the legalization helped a lot of individuals and merchants like they were just normally exchanging goods, but looking closely there are still a need to overhaul or make a concrete rule regarding the issue of cannabis.

  56. Was the legalization of cannabis in Canada a big success or not?

  57. When can we start trading Binance coins in the eToro platform?

  58. The legalization made it readily available for people who would want to have it and that made consumer happy, the result is that most shops ran out of stock even if the price is not friendly on the pocket.

  59. One of the major reason why the China–United States trade war existed this year is that the Trump administration has made a promise to the world that they are going to break the cycle of the unfair trade practices made by the Chinese government.

  60. One of the best award I think was having a great customer support, it simply means that the hard working people behind that forex broker are doing their job and that clients appreciate their effort very well.

  61. What causes the China–United States trade war?

  62. Was the demand for cannabis really great in Canadian region?

  63. What do you think was the most valuable award bagged by Pepperstone?

  64. I think that Pepperstone deserve the awards because they are one of the most efficient forex broker I’ve ever worked with, and that includes intelligent and reliable account managers.

  65. Was the leverage of 1:400 applicable to all those assets listed in the assets index?

  66. I use the highly dependable Neteller on my transactions with Pepperstone.

  67. Where can I find the lists of assets I can trade under CFD trading?

  68. Are there simple steps to follow when copytrading with eToro?

  69. Some webinar lasts about 90 minutes or sometimes less, it depends upon the interactions of the participants and how interesting the topics were.

  70. I agree with Tanner, nothing wrong with trading everyday but make sure you check on you balance because over trading is not a good way to earn profit.

  71. Do you have any idea, how many hours or minutes does a webinar last? I am a working mom, and I want to attend this InvestMarkets webinar.

  72. I agree with your insight Jake Colorado, I never seen a broker that are too honest enough to let their traders know that the risk was more than 80%.

  73. From what I understand is that the profit margin from AvaTrade is variable, you can earn profit as much as you want, but the maximum leverage they can offer is up to 1:400

  74. I use Paypal in depositing money into Pepperstone and sometimes I use Skrill. Its quick and hassle-free.

  75. What payment method you are using with pepperstone?

  76. It is really important to use the off site tools because you may never know if their data is at synced with the current data market.

  77. It was great to hear nice feedback about InvestMarkets webinar. I think I will enlist myself to one if I have free time.

  78. The risk was a bit too high for me too but consider it a good thing that this broker is too honest to let you know where you are getting yourself into.

  79. What profit margin you are talking about Josh?

  80. I don’t see anything wrong with trading everyday as long as you have the funds for it. If you have losing streak in a week make sure you stop a while and analyze your portfolio.

  81. Last January, I was able to attend at least 3 webinars from Invest Markets. I must stay it was really helpful and I felt a lot better as a trader now.

  82. Was it okay to trade on a daily basis or not?

  83. I also like the varying payment methods you can use with Pepperstone, they don’t charge that much.

  84. Were you able to check about the profit margin offer of AvaTrade?

  85. Isn’t the Plus500 risk warning too high?

  86. Great to hear that AvaTrade support are working really well. I have the same experience with them too, two thumbs up for them.

  87. I have been trading for quite sometime now, and I think that Pepperstone was one of the quickest when you talk about withdrawals.

  88. The webinar host is very accommodating with all our questions and inquiries. No dull moments with Jake Turner.

  89. What a great profit, its around $25 per day in a 30-day period. It is if he was trading everyday with eToro. Good job!

  90. I always notice that warning “Your Capital is at Risk” from Plus500. That is the reason why I am still with this broker, because they give you a warning and they comply religiously with all the requirements set upon them by their regulators.

  91. My friend who traded with eToro just raked $750 in profit after a month of trading with them. He made a deposit of $250, is that still minimal with you? I think its great.

  92. Can you describe your experience when attending webinar on InvestMarkets?

  93. I never thought that the withdrawals from Pepperstone is fast, I no longer want to trade with my old broker.

  94. I like how Plus500 maintain the idea of reminding their traders that their capital is always at risk, you can see clearly that they are compliant with the requirements of different financial firms.

  95. I once encountered trouble in my account, I can’t make a withdrawal. What I did was to chat their support and they help, within 10 minutes they were able to resolve my issue.

  96. It is great to hear that Plus500 offer a better and more competitive spreads, that makes forex trading even better.

  97. I love how Pepperstone manage withdrawal request, it is quick and easy, you will get your money within a day.

  98. Getting in touch with the help or support from AvaTrade was easy and hassle-free.
    What seems to be your issue my friend?

  99. It is possible to ask questions when you attend a webinar from Invest-Markets. Topics includes basic know how on forex tradings, and there were parts wherein you can see the “To Be Discussed” when you select the webinar of your choice. Goodluck Mike Traugott

  100. What do you mean by minimal? Up to what percentage you are talking about Peter?

  101. Was it easy to get in touch with AvaTrade chat support?

  102. Check which territory you are in, because in the UK you are not supposed to pay huge amount of taxes.

  103. They are highly reliable in terms of withdrawal and request processing. Thumbs up to them.

  104. One of the best spreads I’ve ever traded was with Plus500, and actually other follow suits, and so far the spreads nowadays are getting more competitive.

  105. I am doing some copy trading with etoro, and I got to choose which one I think is better, and the payment for the successful trade was just minimal.

  106. What are some of the topics being covered in the Investmarkets webinar? Can we ask if we have questions?

  107. Profits in spread betting depends highly on how you handle and execute your trade. LCG could be of big help, if you may, just know exactly how are you going to utilize your resources.

  108. Spread betting with AvaTrade is on MT4 platform only if you have more queries you can reach them out via their support center.

  109. Were you able to see some comparison regarding CFDs trading with Plus500 and other brokers? What do you think is better?

  110. Hi Florian it is always possible to copy trades of expert traders in the etoro platform, you just need to pay a bit of a commission if the trade goes successful

  111. Pepperstone is actually one of the fastest withdrawal processing in the forex industry, sometimes it only took them 24hours to process your request.

  112. I personally contacted my account manager with Invest Markets and then he is the one who fix the schedule for the next available slots for the webinar.

  113. I am sure about what I read about fxcm not endorsing bitcoin, so it is still not clear if they are taking cryptocurrencies into their platform.

  114. I agree with the uprising and downgrading of the value of stocks, nobody can dictate it except the laws of demands and supply.

  115. City index does allow trading of bitcoin but no to other cryptocurrencies.

  116. I am not so sure about the webinars about cryptos but they do offer crypto trading now.

  117. I think you better check on other brokers like 24option or avatrade so you may have a better trading experience.

  118. Yes I do, not a lot but I have progressive results as I trade with them every other day.

  119. I don’t think that there were any changes in the trade margin from their broker.

  120. Yes you may withdraw money using credit or debit but with certain charges I guess.

  121. Are there no lags during the high volume trade season like we have last quarter?

  122. Were there any available promotions for new traders with this broker?
    Thaddäus Dittrich
    Jan 21

  123. Have you tested the thinkmarkets platform? Do you find it impressive?

  124. I always go for the 1:300 trade leverage because I feel more convenient with the set up.

  125. Can you blame the trading public from being cautious with them this time?

  126. Are they processing the withdrawal in a quick manner?

  127. I don’t mind the design, what I really like about a broker is the fast trade execution, and that matters a lot.

  128. I think that you may only spread bet using the mt4 platform from Avatrade.

  129. It is possible to copy trade, you may choose from different expert trader in the etoro platform

  130. Yes it is true, you may set up a demo account for free to check if how many tradable assets do they have so you may have an idea.

  131. I don’t have any idea if there are cryptos, and not really particular also with the margins.

  132. Check if you can make a demo account with them and see the spreads and leverage they offer. They have a really good offer lately.

  133. So it is okay to conclude that the leverage offer from ironfx are varying due to the uprising and downgrading value of stocks.

  134. What are some of the updates from this broker? Can you now trade cryptocurrencies with the platform?

  135. There were not much restrictions to how much trade volume you wish to trade with plus500 so I don’t think that there were any difference with the CFDs trading as well.

  136. What you need to do is to register for an account with InvestMarkets, open a demo account as well, then ask your account manager how can you join the webinar to help you out on your trading.

  137. I agree, if you use MT4 webtrader from ironfx, lags are not an issue at all.

  138. Are the trade margin leverage for bitcoins and other cryptos any different from the regular stocks?

  139. Does it mean they need to add more color and details to the platform?

  140. Do they allow cryptocurrencies in their platform now?

  141. Were you able to make profit with their platform?

  142. They offer trading with cryptocurrencies, but am not so sure if they do offer spread betting on their platform

  143. How can I copy the trades from expert etoro traders?

  144. I don’t think that there is much of a difference, both have a good spread offers while you can choose the perfect trade timing suitable for you.

  145. Yes they do have one of the fastest trade execution I have ever encountered. I have been trading with other online broker and I can tell there is a big difference.

  146. Most forex brokers offer a range on the profit margin and sometimes you yourself can set or choose which one before you started trading.

  147. Is the 7000+ assets are for real with LCG platform?

  148. Can I use my credit or debit cards to withdraw money from my account?

  149. The leverage offer from demo and real money is two different thing. You need to verify yourself which one you think is best suitable for you.

  150. Were you guys able to experience the webinar from Investmarkets? Do you have any idea how can I join for free?

  151. Were you able to check the trade margin leverage they offer?

  152. Those issues were from years ago, but it still affect their image up to this time.

  153. Were you able to check if the spread betting and forex trading platform are just the same from this broker?

  154. There is no definite profit to earn from this broker since there are varying spreads and the amount you will trade are different from each other.

  155. I just made a real money account with them, and I am having another thought of not pushing through? What do you think guys?

  156. I don’t think that there is any first deposit bonus available for LCG clients. But if you need a bigger profit through their platform you need to check the individual payout for each assets and indices you want to trade.

  157. I don’t know if there are any changes in the minimum deposit, I think the deposit are just the same as before.

  158. I really think that it is a nice idea to leave this broker if they caused you so much trouble.

  159. They actually have dozens on their lists in the assets index section of this broker, it is up to you to decide which one will you trade.

  160. What upgrade are you talking about?

  161. I tried a demo account with this broker and it looks so fine, do they offer the same leverage in the real money account?

  162. You can trade bitcoin, litecoin, ripple, (and more)…

  163. I heard and read before that this broker became broker after all their stocks and investment plummeted.

  164. Were there changes in the minimum deposit from thinkmarkets?

  165. Was the payout or the leverage from varying or do they have a fix one?

  166. They have a secure trading platform but I think they need to make a little more upgrade to make the platform more attractive to traders.

  167. Do they have an upcoming webinar about cryptocurrencies?

  168. I think they do. They joined the bandwagon of MT4 webtrader which is very easy to use and this platform does not have much lags.

  169. I am not sure about bitcoins et al. but I will check and will inform you later

  170. Are there any difference between the forex and CFDs trading with the Plus500 platform?

  171. Do they offer spread betting on cryptocurrencies?

  172. I used the CTrader from AvaTrade and it looks nice and perfect with my trades.

  173. How about the trade execution? Was it faster than usual broker online?

  174. It ranges from $100 to $250 I guess. You need some IDs when you want to push for real money.

  175. How much money can you make through spread betting with city index?

  176. So how much will be needed to start up a real money account with them?

  177. You may check their webinar page for more details so you may book yourself in advance for future training online.

  178. How about the platfrom? Do they have a new platform to offer?

  179. I didn’t noticed any changes at all, as of the moment. I prefer using the MT4 webtrader because I can execute trade faster on that platform.

  180. That was not fair my friend. I think they are known for such reputation. I also have an account with them and I am thinking of pulling it out.

  181. Were there any cryptocurrencies you can trade?

  182. Reply
    Michael Ehrlichmann October 24, 2017 at 6:25 am

    Are you aware about the changes in the minimum deposit requirement of Invest Markets?

  183. At first glance, Pepperstone are serious about their regulation and they are following the strict rules of ASIC so I don’t think that there is anything that will go wrong with this broker.

  184. They stated that the customer support is availabe 24/7 but unfortunately you won’t be able to find one who is online.

  185. What assets or indices do you trade with itrader?

  186. I guess this process is a standard operations and procedures for most online brokers to avoid money laundering.

  187. I also traded with other brokers and I agree about how fast the trade execution is with Plus500 platform.

  188. If I wasn’t able to connect with them via live chat, I was able to send them message of inquiry via email and I immediately got a response.

  189. I think they only have one platform for all types of trading. I like it and I think they made an upgrade

  190. City index does offer spread betting in their platform and I guess they are a good broker because they are registered under UK.

  191. Email or not, I don’t think that it is probable to get an instant reply from this broker.

  192. Were there certain bonuses available for LCG traders, like the first deposit bonus?

  193. It is a good idea to detached yourself immediately from this broker, they do have this news mishap a few years back and I don’t have any idea why they are still in operation.

  194. Being regulated means a lot of things, and security is one of the main reason why you should trade some funds with easymarkets.

  195. I prefer making contact through live chat because of the instant reply but if I wasn’t able to get a reply at once, I made sure that I emailed them.

  196. I haven’t tried the spread betting with this broker? I only heard about this through you?

  197. I don’t remember getting any but I like the profit margin that they offer.

  198. Are you sure that they offer spread betting at all? Which platform do they use for spread betting?

  199. I have been with this broker for quite sometimes now, and I think that you can easliy reach or contact their support staff if you need them.

  200. Spread betting doesn’t require high volume of stock trades and you are betting on the possible spread so if you want to learn more, it is much easier to understand if you go through the education section of LCG broker.

  201. Plus500 is one of those brokers with the fastest trade execution, I doubted it at first, but eventually I was making more money than I thought because of this.

  202. Yes I will, they are regulated in different territories, kindly check if your current locations are covered by the regulating body they are working with.

  203. Were there any overhaul in the Avatrade trading platform? Which one do you prefer the C+ platform or the webplatform?

  204. Making a demo account with them is easy, and youjust need an email, but there were verification process to undergo if you wanted to go for real money.

  205. You basically need to keep in touch with your account manager to start attending the webinar, they are the one who are supposed to find a slot for you.

  206. I think they basically change some things in the website itself. The contact section used to have so many before and right now, they only have a few.

  207. So far, I haven’t noticed any major changes in the platform but eventually there will be more coming because they do offer forex trading now, which I find really a better version of the site.

  208. I was having trouble with my account, can I get hold of this people immediately?

  209. Registration was fast and easy, but for security purposes and proper validation you need to present a true copy of any IDs that you have before you can start trading with them.

  210. I never had any bad experience with Pepperstone because I made sure that I am trading with a regulated broker.

  211. I have the very same experience, day after day they follow up on my deposit, after making one, they keep asking for more telling me it is better to trade because my leverage was high, but when I finally met a problem, there is no way I can contact these people.

  212. I agree, I can’t read anything nice about this forex, so I decided to stay away at once.

  213. There were indices, stocks, forex and commodities listed in the platform

  214. As I go through forex brokers, I have seen and read about praises and stuff, but with alpari it is a bit different.

  215. Reply
    Michael Ehrlichmann August 28, 2017 at 4:22 am

    How long does it take for me to sign-up for an account with

  216. I checked on ironfx a while ago, and I think there were some minor changes, do you have any idea what are those?

  217. Have you had a bad trading experience with pepperstone? New trader here, asking for help.

  218. Do you think it is okay to trade with fxopen? I wanted to set up a demo account with them real soon.

  219. I registered for a demo account with ufx and I like it the platform was good, but I find it annoying to deal with the account managers who keeps on checking out when should I deposit?

  220. What are the different kind of assets or instruments you can trade with GCI Financial?

  221. Were there any changes under the InvestMarkets platform?

  222. I don’t know if I can invest a good sum with this broker. If you were on my shoes will you ever invest something with them?

  223. What are the things I need to be able to register for a webinar with xm?

  224. Was it much easier to contact this broker through live chat or email?

  225. I read a few details about spread betting in LCG? Is it really that profitable to to spread bet with LCG or what?

  226. Were you able to get some bonuses when you registered with itrader?

  227. Can you help me check how reliable is this broker? I like the spreads they offer, I just wanted a broker that I can reach easily when I have to.

  228. I like trading ethereum but I am torn between etoro vs poloniex? Which one will you choose if you were on my shoes? By the way, I am from Ontario.

    • Polionex is a digital exchange while eToro offers CFD trading with very good spreads to start with. Unfortunately, etoro is no longer accepting traders from Canada so you better check which brokers is allowed in your area of residency.

  229. Do you thnk that the spreads they offer for spread betting is okay with city index?

  230. Do you think it is okay to do spread betting via the etxcapital platform?

  231. Which platform do you think offers the quickest trade execution?

  232. Hey has anyone noticed that their spreads have improved?

    • Yes, I read somewhere that reduced the fixed, floating and options spreads. Much better than their old numbers.

  233. How is it possible to earn points by trading different instruments from Alpari?

  234. I was trying to contact the FXCM support because I am asking for a faster processing of my withdrawals, was there any way I can reach them faster than emails?

  235. I am not sure, if I don’t trust the broker I personally visit third party sites to confirm the data they have given.

  236. How is it possible to carry off a luxury car like Lamborghini through instaforex? Do you know the mechanics? I just saw the banner in their home page, any help here?

  237. Which is better? foreign exchange trading or CFD?

    • I’ve been a registered user since 2014. I find the forex and CFD trading to be much more interesting as it offer potentially higher returns but do take note that it comes with risks as well.

    • Well, there are actually no difference at all when you trade forex and cfd’s, only the amount of taxes may varies depending on the profit you incur upon trading.

  238. Can you explain to me a little about the XM USain Bolt partnership?

    • Usain Bolt has signed an agreement to become an official brand ambassador of forex and CFD broker of XM, so you will likely gonna see a lot of XM when UBolt is around.

  239. But are the details up to date or what?

  240. Reply
    Zuleman Weinstein June 23, 2017 at 2:35 am

    I made a query with this broker in the mid of my trade and I was surprise that I was able to get hold of a person I can talk to in the middle of the night.

  241. It seems that easymarkets have a new look for the trading platform?

    • The platform does have a new look and the interface is a bit easier to access, and you can see a lot of helpful trading information.

  242. What have you noticed regarding the quote accuracy their platform has provided so far?

    • The quote accuracy so far was close to the accurate market results online. Almost in sync with most leading brokers.

  243. Was the live currency rate feed from IronFx is at sync with the current or ongoing feed from lives sites?

    • The live feed results from this broker is very close to what the live market feeds you can see from other online sources, so far I haven’t seen any discrepancy at all.

  244. What are some of the equities rates offered by this broker?

  245. Can I use Paypal as my payment method for

  246. Reply
    Catalino Fairchild June 16, 2017 at 7:14 am offers a spreads for as low as 2 pips for the EUR/USD, do you find any broker lower than this?

    • I haven’t heard any broker that offers a little less than that, I think that provide a good offer.

  247. Were you able to try GCI Forex Training? What was the topic covered by the training?

    • It covers topic regarding Trading signals, Live Quotes, Live Charts and how to take advantage of the significant Economic Calendar

  248. I was reading a lot of news regarding the upcoming UK elections, if you were to trade, what do you think is the best instrument to trade?

  249. Jeremy Corbyn called for Theresa May to quit even if the UK election result is not over yet. This is UK election was described by Theresa May described as the “most important election of our lifetime.”

    • I was having trouble choosing between quadrigacx vs avatrade because I want to try cryptocurrency trading now.

  250. What are your most favorite assets to trade with UFX?

  251. According to the reviews the maximum margin they offer is 1:500, do they have a leverage higher than that?

  252. Are you guys aware that there were changes with the number of instruments too?

    • city index is now proud to announce that they have Spread Betting, CFD and Forex Trading on 12,000+ global markets. I just don’t know if the instruments grew to 12000 or they are open to trade on thos 12000 global market.

    • I don’t think that there is any update from this broker, have you found one Mr. Guye?

  253. Was able to test out their new forex and cfd platform. I haven’t been able to explore it much but the trade execution was fast. Even made a couple of profits. Overall, I’m giving it 9 out of 10 stars.

  254. Reply
    Julius Katterfeld May 11, 2017 at 5:25 am

    The most you can see with the thinkmarkets platform is the minor trade details, not so helpful at all.

  255. Were you able to try the ActTrader Forex from GCI financials?

    • I was a regular trader for the ActTrader Forex platform, and I might say that it is very easy to use, and to avoid a lot of complexity on your trades, there were add-ons you can use to make a successful trade.

  256. How is it possible to buy bitcoins thru instaforex?

    • “If you need to buy, sell and exchange bitcoins you can use the InstaChange service”, it is what their site says about buying bitcoins. There are links to follow on how to do it.

    • Yes it is possible to buy bitcoins thru their platform. You may even use it as a deposit money into your account. You may also withdraw it and use it for your trades. So bitcoins are now handy and easier to use.

  257. Were you able to make a good profit for the leverage easymarkets is offering?

  258. Can you set up a demo account using the ETX TraderPro? Was it faster and better than other brokers?

    • Trying the practice account with this broker is easy, just register with your email, get the confirmation link then you can start using the virtual money to do the practice trade.

  259. I noticed that there were some upgrades in Plus500 platform, were you guys able to test it using the demo?

  260. Were you able to feel that there will be update regarding Brexit? And what instruments are you trading in the forex pair?

    • They were still discussing about Brexit in the Parliament

      • But Prime Minister Theresa May called for a snap election to strengthen her hands over the matter of Brexit, and we are looking forward for the election results soon.

  261. Trade details like what?

  262. Was there any truth to the £50 Mini Account from FXCM, or they still go for the $2000 requirement to open an account with them?

    • The FXCM website says that you can now “Start Small: Trade Now with a £50 Mini Account”, so there is a validity to what you are asking, I am not sure if this was a promotion or it will be a normal trading account from them.

    • From what the review said they require a $2000 deposit to start an account with them, if there were any changes I think we need to check on the main site.

  263. Has anyone tried trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? Any feedbacks?

  264. Can you pay fxopen using the cryptocurrencies?

  265. I want to gain access with the XM MT4 platform, do I need to download it on my PC?

    • Yes, you need to download the MT4 platform in your pc, but there is also an option for the MT4 webtrader.

      • I haven’t heard much about the webtrader? Were the number of instruments from the downloadable MT4 and webtrader MT4 are just the same?

  266. I searched and found out that the trading instruments from this broker is up to 2000 which is quite a huge number for me, isn’t it a bit confusing?

    • I don’t think that it is confusing, it depends on how you give it an approach, for me, I think that provides you a better option for earning bigger profit.

  267. What are some of the special trading features from Pepperstone? Do you like the leverage they offer?

  268. Was the 1:200 leverage offer from this broker as profitable as I think?

  269. But were you able to see if the platform were able to provide some helpful trade details?

  270. Was there any cashback from this broker?

    • Reply
      Christian Archibald April 22, 2017 at 2:22 pm

      I am not really sure about the cashback program that they have because some regulating body don’t allow a bonus scheme system from forex brokers. You may ask their support if they have one.

      • I think that they have this Alpari Cashback Program, and it says that you can earn points that you can convert into cash in your future trades, and of course terms and conditions applies.

      • Was bonuses from forex brokers already forbidden?

  271. iTrader is reguted by CySEC and does it mean resident from UK are free to trade using their platform?

    • I think that they do accept traders from the UK, but just to make sure, you need to contact their support. They are responsive and helpful.

  272. I personally think that this broker have a very simple platform

  273. Were you guys able to check if there are free webinars from this broker?

    • They are also hosting live seminars in different locations worldwide so you always have to check on their websites, where and when will be the next seminar.

    • I attended one of their webinars and the topic covers on how to profit greatly on most of your traders.

    • ironfx offers webinars for their clients, you can check the schedule within their website or you may ask them to notify you through email.

  274. Are you having issues when using paypal as your mode of payment with etoro?

  275. What are some of the topics covered in the education section of etx capital?

    • Usually the topic being discussed in their webinar is about how to trade in different market situations, and some live market analysis, which is really helpful for those who are just starting.

  276. Does the actual waiting time for withdrawal really takes up to 5 days here in

    • I was told by the support from that it usually took 5 days for the process of withdrawals, but some of my friends told me that sometime it took a little less.

  277. I want to try the demo account for the XM webtrader and I want to know if it is easy to make a registration for such account?’

    • The initial suggestion was good but they fail to mentioned that you will be using the same webtrader for the real money account, and that means that the experience you got from demo is so close to having the real one.

    • Hi Nell I wish you a good day! All I can say is that you only need a valid email for the registration and you can have an easy access for the demo account.

  278. Were you able to verify if there will be no bonuses for forex traders anymore?

    • I also read articles about it, and sure enough if you checked on most brokers, you may no longer find them offering bonuses.

    • I read about an article regarding bonuses in forex trading, and it implied that there should be no bonuses rendered for trading forex in any forex broker online. So you will rarely find brokers that offers such.

  279. Was there an expiration for the $50,000 in virtual account? Or this one will be there as long as you are not using it for your practice trade?

    • As far as I remember, you won’t be given additional funds after finishing this virtual money, and it stays there for as long as you haven’t finished all your funds.

      • I was able to use the virtual money for just a month because I traded very aggressively using the GCI financial platform.

  280. Were you able to check if FXCM have platform in mobile apps?

    • Yes this broker do have a trading apps but what I don’t like about it, is that they frequently crashes every time I am trying to make a trade.

      • That’s the most hideous thing to experience when you are trading because you are expecting to make a profit.

  281. Were there some updates regarding City Index platform?

    • The review just mentioned Advantage Web, Advantage Trader & MetaTrader 4, they failed to mentioned that they have now run platform on mobiles, available in iTunes and Google Play store.

  282. Are there any bonus offer from FXOpen?

  283. Were the trading instruments from AvaTrade increases in numbers?

  284. Are cryptocurrencies now allowed in city index platform?

  285. Is it now possible to trade bitcoins with instaforex platform? Do they have a separate platform for such trades?

    • I think that they have added bitcoins as one of the extra trading instruments in their lists, so it is possible now. The only discrepancy is how much the profit will be?

      • Like the forex, and stocks there are varying profit range for them. I just don’t know if that depends on your global location.

  286. Base on the regulation granted to Pepperstone, Australian traders can access and open an account with them without a breeze, right?

    • Hi Mignon, if they are regulated by ASIC, people from down under are more protected when making trades with this broker.

  287. I don’t like to compare but isn’t the $100 initial deposit is quite big? Isn’t it?

  288. Was there any educational section from Alpari? If there is, what are some of the topics they covered?

    • Yes they do have an educational section, but they just provide you with basic forex education, and I don’t think that they have webinars for an upgraded sharing of knowledge.

      • I never thought that they don’t have webinars. All along, I knew they have one, because they are one known forex brokers. This news is a bit disappointing.

  289. Is it easy to register for a demo account with this broker?

    • I just used my valid email for the registration and presto I was able to use the platform through my demo account. If you wish to make it into a real money account, just follow the instructions on how to deposit and trade.

    • You need to have a valid email address to get a confirmation link for your demo, so I may say that setting up a demo account with is easy.

  290. Have you heard about the etoro promo code? Or have you used one?

  291. Plus500 has just recently introduced a new WebTrader platform. It’s sleeker and much faster now so trading is much more convenient.

    • Yes, I agree. The webtrader platform is much, much faster now. Also, it’s also worth mentioning that they currently have a $25 no-deposit bonus for new clients so for those who are planning to trade with Plus500, be sure to avail this promo.

    • I’ve noticed this as well. The response time is much quicker now and they even added more CFDs on the list!

  292. The diversified number of assets in their platform looks impressive but in reality it is very confusing.

  293. I am shocked to realize that FXCM offers no Welcome Bonus at all, kinda new to my experience with other established brokers.

    • As far as I knew there were no more bonuses for new traders, because that was a thing of the past nowadays. Am lucky to have experienced it before.

      • Lucky are those who tried having risk-free bonuses on their first trade, because you eliminate the initial risk of losing such amount of money.

    • There are no longer welcome bonuses from forex because the regulating body forbids that kind of promotion nowadays.

  294. The $10000 Bonus from Avatrade is another breakthrough from them. No other broker can offer such a huge amount of bonus.

    • I don’t think that there will be upcoming bonuses anymore due to some changes in the regulations.

      • Are these arguments valid? I have some pending unclaimed bonuses from my forex broker, will I still be able to withdraw them all?

        • Hello there, I think there is a truth to this matter, my broker before AvaTrade is no longer giving me bonuses and have sent me an email validating the claim that there will no more bonuses in store for their traders.

  295. What else can you ask for when it comes to the number of assets? IronFX almost have to over 200 available assets made available for trading. It covers forex, futures, spot metals and shares.

    • Do they also have a lists of exotic forex pairs in their instruments?

      • You can check the assets lists or index on the forex section and see for yourself the exotic pairs you are looking for.

      • I think they have some exotic pairs on their lists, and there is a reminder that Leverage on RUB, BRL,CNH crosses and EURCZK will be 1/10 of the account leverage. Max Leverage can be 1:50 when account leverage is 1:500.

  296. Most successful traders for social trading comes form eToro and I most of my friends attest to it. Do I need to go beyond the knowledge of trading or do I need to join the bandwagon now?

  297. The only company who try to project success in the financial world but in reality they couldn’t even keep a good customer support team.

    • Oh that was something they need to work on. They might say that they are the leader in forex all they want, but if their clients are the one who are saying their services sucks then that will be a blunder.

  298. I tried to reach their support due to some issues with my trading on their web platform, to my disappointment, I found myself talking to a rude representative.

  299. Plus 500 platform has always been simple yet it shows great advantage over other online broker.

  300. You may find a lot of Technical Analysis in the main page of XM broker. You may have enough time reading and finding the correct signals for your trade.

  301. What I noticed about this brokers is the number of assets that you can trade with them is a bit limited yet the low first deposit is a bit attractive to new traders like me.

  302. It is pretty annoying to realize how unstable their platform was. I hate to share that I am losing more than getting profit from the trades I am making with them.

  303. What is more exciting about is that they are always finding ways to improve themselves. They upgraded to web-based platform aside from MT4 and MT5.

  304. I tried installing it on my Iphone but it keeps on closing.

  305. You might experience few requotes at times with Instaforex but what is great about them is that you can easily contact their support,

    • There are variety of ways to reach them like Phone, E-mail, Live Chat, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, ICQ, MSN, AOL IM. So the chances of missing out on their call is very slight.

    • I was well taken care of by some of the support staff from Instaforex, when I have issues with my trades and withdrawals.

  306. It’s amazing to realize how the platform has changed for the better. Now, they have even more in the assets lists. A good upgrade I must say.

  307. You need not to worry about social trading and the factors that affects the result of the trade if you are trading with the leading social trading platform like etoro. They have helpful staff to assist you if you need one.

  308. Reply
    Charles E. Gauthier August 24, 2016 at 7:14 pm

    I am attracted to the very low account size yet I still have doubt if I am going to trade with them or not.

  309. Avatrade acquired its excellence in operation due to the fact that they have been in the business for almost a decade. And you won’t cease to notice how far they have grown as an online forex broker.

  310. They have this new webtrader and I was able to experience it first hand on my trades. Now, it is more easier to trade forex and other stuff because the platform is very user friendly.

  311. I believed that IronFx broad array of global liquidity banks that ensures only the best pricing. And I also what I like about them is the instant execution of orders.

  312. This broker might offer a very minimum account size but I don’t want to experience a lot of slippage during busy trades coz its not good at all.

  313. XM has a great webtrader. You can try the it in demo account mode or you may try it for the real money account which makes it easier to place a trade.

  314. They might be regulated by IFSC but I don’t know if my fund and my account is safe with them anymore.

  315. I tried calling this online brokers support representative and I wasn’t getting the proper treatment and response from them. There is no need for you to trust this shady broker.

  316. I like the initial deposit bonus provided by AvaTrade. You don’t need a lot of effort to put up into it, you simply need to deposit and start trading and enjoying your bonuses at the same time.

  317. Nice to see that they have made some improvements with their platform. It now even has a MassInsights where you can see the preferences of other traders.

  318. I have read on the news that this company is no longer capable of being a good financial broker for everybody. So you all better decide to leave and stay away from them.

  319. Why is it that City Index don’t have the capability to offer a more varied selection for the payment? I hope they can offer more to their clients.

  320. It is a known fact that ETXCapital don’t accept US traders so if you are from the US you need to take another broker, but what I like about them is that they offer demo account.

  321. I sign-up for the demo account in the webtrader and I fully enjoyed the platform and I end up enlisting for the real money account. I really had a great experience with them.

  322. One of those few brokers who offers a very low minimum account size. You need not to worry how to breakdown your investment because your trading will cost you only a little amount.

  323. Etoro will educate you more about social trading by teaching you who to follow best to earn more profit and will give you proper evaluation why you need to follow the person and their trade.

  324. A shady online broker like this one shouldn’t be given a chance to handle your investment, better find a better broker.

  325. I was finding ways to further learn forex and trade at the same time, luckily, I was able to make an account with XM because they offer a lot in their educational section which I find really helpful.

  326. The unstable situation of FXCM right now makes me even more cautious to deal with them. I am trying to pull out my account with them now, but I am really having a hard time.

  327. FXOpen used to be an ideal forex broker for me until I realized how long they took to process a single withdrawal request.

  328. Just heard that they are launching their new mobile application and are offering new clients a free Iphone 6S or a Galaxy S6 Edge+.

    • Yes this is a very nice promo from AvaTrade. Aside from the free phone, I even got an additional bonus from my initial deposit with them.

  329. GCI Financial used to offer a very stable platform, and right now, am confused what happened to them.

  330. Reply
    Joseph S. Marshall June 5, 2016 at 6:24 pm

    It is easier to deposit money with IronFX, because they offer a wide range of currency selection so you can enjoy your trading no matter which part of the globe you are.

  331. City Index chat support show a very little enthusiasm when you are trying to ask them for assistance. What are they being paid for if they can’t offer any help at all. What a shame.

  332. I’m interested with this broker but I’m afraid that I might have problems withdrawing my money in the future.

    • You won’t have any problems on the withdrawals as long as you’ve confirmed or authenticated your account. I’ve been trading with them since 2015 and never experience any issues.

  333. Instaforex is a regulated broker and have a very stable platform. When I started trading with them, I got more profit than what I have projected because I haven’t experienced any lags from their platform.

  334. Their forex seminars are very informative. I was able to attend one and learned a lot.

  335. For those who plan to sign-up with Avatrade, try availing their 10th anniversary promo. I got an extra 100% bonus after opening an account.

  336. The web-based trading screen has improved a lot as compared to last year. The social stream is indeed a nice feature.

  337. Etoro’s social trading is a lot easier for me to understand. Currently, I am following Kenneth Moway, Emmanuel le Bihan and Markus Katzmaier on their network and so far the returns are coming in nicely.

  338. Was able to withdraw the money from my account and it got processed in 3 days. I left around $100 after earning more than $500 from my trades.

  339. This company has a bad history. Better find a much stable broker to trade with.

  340. It’s a lot easier to trade with Etoro compared to the other brokers I have tested. I simply copy those who are trading well and just wait for the profits to come in. This is amazing!

  341. Had a lot of issues getting my money back from FXCM. Beware of this company.

  342. Hey thanks for the update. It’s much faster now and there are now new assets on the platform.

  343. The low minimum account size is an advantage but other than that, the rest is of its features are just close to average. Just my two cents.

  344. Reply
    Gabriel Richardson April 8, 2016 at 9:02 pm

    My sentiments as well. FXOpen has a good selection of assets and the payouts are great but with too many slippages, I find it hard to make a profit out of this broker.

  345. I find trading with Markets to be much more opportune than with the other brokers I have signed-up with. Their tight spreads are one of their best advantages.

  346. Customer service was okay and I prefer contacting them via Whatsapp since I’m used to it.

  347. The thing that I like about Avatrade is that requotes are not that common so trades are executed without any issues.

  348. True. They have a good range of assets but the $500 minimum account size is not ideal for my budget.

  349. At first I thought trading is just for those who know about the markets well. Seriously, who knew trading can be this easy?

    • Agree. This social trading thing from eToro makes it a lot easier to invest and get a sizable return if you know who to follow and when to copy their trades.

  350. I’ve heard a lot of bad stuff about City Index so I’ll look for a more credible company to trade with. Any suggestions.

    • You might want to check out Plus500. Compared to City Index, they have a much better platform and a selection of platforms to choose from.

  351. Platform is nice and fast no delays are anything

  352. I like the fact that everything is all on 1 screen can see prices, open positions and charts!

  353. Not enough assets to chose from for me

  354. Reply
    Jake Farran-Ridge March 5, 2016 at 2:33 pm

    Withdrawals are a nightmare, best to find someone else to trade with

  355. I like AvaTrade they have some great promotions.

  356. Seems like their platform comes with social trading. Has anybody tried it?

  357. Customer support are not at all helpful once you manage to get hold of them!

  358. Instant execution with no slippage that is why I signed up with them

  359. Beware slippages happen all the time

  360. Just like to share that Avatrade currently has a huge bonus promotion until the end of the month (March 31). You can get a 100% bonus if your deposit is up to €/$300, as much as 50% if it’s up to €/$10,000 and 25% if the deposit level reaches €/$50,000. I’ve signed-up yesterday and was able to get a handsome amount of bonus!

  361. Nice to read all these nice comments. How about withdrawals?

  362. Saw comments and have to say will not risk my investments with them

  363. Copying other traders gives me a high especially when it turns out to a win or profit

  364. They take too long to answer at customer service so left and gone to AvaTrade

  365. Yes they applied for insolvency according to reports.

  366. Customer support were lacking in politeness

  367. Found out that they have a high rate of slippages!!!

  368. Had a hard time to get my money back out of them!

  369. Yes apparently they have $225million negative client balance, am also worried.

  370. Tried contacting them via Viber. I find it more convenient since I am always online.

  371. Good customer support team, quick and helpful no hanging about

  372. Heard they are no longer in business?

  373. I found their platform a little confusing to work out

  374. I like in Atlanta, so glad I found eToro, very few honest brokers out there today.

  375. Their platform is horrible, very slow – lost lots of money because of it

  376. They do not accept all forms of payment options which is a pity

  377. Unfriendly people at customer support, beware

  378. Worried to open an account with them, heard they had difficulties

  379. Lots of good quality assets to trade and they have a great platform

  380. I have to say thumbs up for this broker. They have made a lot of improvements especially with their platforms. Now they have apps and software for iOS and Android operating systems. They are able to keep up with the current technology trends for trading.

  381. The webtrader platform is what I always use. It’s easier to access.

  382. The demo version of Plus500 is a good way to make practice trades and the market prices are in real-time too. Never experienced any issues with my withdrawals.

  383. Never had any problems with this broker plus their 1:888 margin is one of the highest in the market.

  384. What are the different cryptocurrencies you can copy trade with etoro?

  385. The $5 minimum deposit is one of the reasons that I registed with them. It allowed me to manage my funds well.

  386. XM offers higher bonuses compared to the other brokers I’ve signed-up with before. Profits are also much better.