eToro Adds Binance Coin CFD on Platform

eToro, the world’s leading social trading broker with over 6 million registered users today announced their partnership with Binance so that traders can trade cryptocurrency Binance Coin (BNB).

eToro is the first to offer BNB tokens to investors and has increased the number of crypto assets to its product range to thirteen, making it possible for investors to diversify across all available cryptocurrencies.

Here’s the deal

On the eToro platform traders can now trade BNB, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Stellar, NEO, EOS, Cardano and IOTA.

That’s not all ……………..

Binance is one of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges and in 2017 was issued the initial coin offering. BNB the native token of Binance can be used for exchange fees, trading fees, listing fees and partner applications.

Other uses for BNB tokens include the ability of investors to make flight reservations at specified airports and using the Asian live streaming mobile app, Uplive pay for virtual gifts using their tokens.

CEO and founder of Binance, Changpeng Zhao said that he was honoured to have BNB tokens listed on eToro platform which will make it possible to reach millions of additional people.

Traders can now trade BNB coins on eToro’s CryptoPortfolio with a one click solution.
Managing director at eToro, Guy Hirsch said in an interview with CCN that they were excited to partner with Binance. He continued saying that Binance’s team has built an innovative infrastructure which will have a great demand in the market.

Yoni Assia, CEO and co-founder said that he believes in the potential of crypto assets in spite of the sensational headlines about the death of crypto. He went on to say that they will continue to add to its platform leading crypto assets like BDB, so that clients can diversify their crypto holdings.

The best part?

Traders now have the ability of trading both utility and security tokens on eToro’s platform.
eToro sponsors seven Premier League teams, North London Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle United, Crystal Palace, Leicester City, Southampton, Cardiff City, and Brighton & Hove Albion and were paid for in bitcoin.

So what’s the Inside story of BNB?

Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, the BNB coins are stable and reliable with over 150 coins listed with a daily value of 1.5 billion dollars traded.

Their market cap is over 1.2 billion dollars and first were made available to the public on July 25, 2017 and has been rising steadily since October 2017.

BNB is reportedly one of the safest cryptocurrencies available in the market, according to some analysts.

You will discover that trading BNB on eToro’s platform, long-term traders can benefit from no overnight fees, whilst holding a position on BNB.

If you are looking for short-term gains, day traders can benefit from potential volatility.

As BNB is backed by a single exchange with a public address it is considered a more stable cryptocurrency and a more viable option. Compared to Bitcoin who nobody knows the identity of in spite of its existence for a decade.

That’s not all ……………

If you compare BNB vs Bitcoin there are some noteworthy differences like:

BNB is listed on one of the most secure exchanges in the world, whereas trading Bitcoin is traded on a variety of exchanges, not all of which are dependable and secure.

BNB was launched in 2017, Bitcoin in 2009 with a long and proven track record.

If you consider BNB coin cap (in such a short time) of 200 million, while Bitcoin has a strict cap of 21 million. In the foreseeable future BNB has the ability to overtake Bitcoin.

Bottom Line?

As a trader with eToro, you now have the opportunity to trade from the full range of leading cryptocurrencies.

Any trader, anywhere can benefit from the unique and innovative technology that eToro offers their traders together with all their perks like, education programs, demo accounts, social trading, competitive prices and more.

Discover the hidden benefits of trading with a regulated broker that offers cutting edge technology!

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*eToro is a multi-asset platform which offers both investing in stocks and cryptoassets, as well as trading CFDs.

Please note that CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 66% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Past performance is not an indication of future results.

Cryptoassets are volatile instruments which can fluctuate widely in a very short timeframe and therefore are not appropriate for all investors. Other than via CFDs, trading cryptoassets is unregulated and therefore is not supervised by any EU regulatory framework.


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  1. Trader now can immediately start trading the Binance Coin in the eToro CFD platform, but before you do, you need to analyze the risk and the profit so you may have a balance on your trade.

  2. Yes, I am trading with eToro for 3 years now, and I don’t have any complaints with the platform so far, and my two cents regarding the profitability, it depends on your strategy not on the platform.

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