Understanding the Autochartist Pattern Recognition Tool

Traders not familiar with the latest trends affecting the world of online trading will be happy to discover that forex and CFDs broker Pepperstone has added a sophisticated trading tool ‘Autochartist’ to their MetaTrader 4 platform.

A powerful cutting-edge tool

Autochartist is an award-winning technical analysis tool which saves you hours of tedious and time-consuming work.

It automatically monitors the markets 24 hours a day and identifies 100’s of trading opportunities which are based on key support and resistance levels, using pattern recognition advanced technology.

All the hard work is done for you so that you can make more informed trade decisions.

With recent news of Bitcoin prices surging above $8,000, you’d probably know when is the right time to place that investment and this tool can give you a great advantage.

That’s not all…

You don’t have to keep checking! Whenever it identifies new opportunities, you are sent an alert.

How can you actually use this?

You are able to set up and filter trades starting from a minimum probability range of between 60 to 80% that has success within that range making it easy for you to identify opportunities.

Autochartist plugin on the Pepperstone MetaTrader platform

Autochartist plugin on the Pepperstone MetaTrader platform

Best of all…

You have two options to access this powerful tool: either on a web app from any web browser or through the MT4 plugin which has all the Autochartist features customized.

As a live account holder, this powerful tool can also be accessed through your mobile, iOS and Android devices.

Installing the app is quick and easy:

  • Select the platform you wish to use
  • With one click of the button select ‘install’

Plenty of support

If you find you are having difficulties, no problem. There are helpful guides and educational resources provided that will assist you with either of the apps.

The education resources will give you a deeper understanding on a particular search criteria. The pattern is given a score quality and the strength of the initial trend.

Customer support ready to help

If you are still having trouble, start a live chat. Customer support are always there to help.

In addition to the Autochartist, Pepperstone has a variety of technical analysis tools to help you make a successful strategy for your trades starting with the:

Daily market reports which contain economic events that impact trading opportunities.

Technical indicators, these automatic notifications come in the form of completed chart patterns with triangles, wedges, top and bottoms.

The volatility analysis tool gives you information that is vital like the time of day the market is the most volatile which instruments that fall within the accepted risk parameters.

Based on the volatility of the expected market, the tool will help you to set the profit and stop loss levels.

Now, for the convenience of the busy trader, Pepperstone has made it easy for you to execute your trades without the need to open MT4. It can be executed from your email.

Discovering the benefits

You don’t need to be an expert trader. These tools will help you to find opportunities and complement your trading strategy.

With the use of the tools, they will automatically detect chart patterns and the key levels within your parameters, saving you time.

Best of all, it is available in 11 languages and is free for all Pepperstone clients and can be installed in a matter of minutes for either the web app or the MetaTrader 4 plugin.

Free demo account

You will be excited to also learn that Pepperstone provides free access to their demo account for their existing clients and this comes with virtual money to practice trades.

Here also, you can start receiving trade opportunities as they occur using the Autochartist.

Bottom line?

    Pepperstone has all the online trading benefits for traders like:

  • The best trading platforms
  • Access to low-cost pricing, fast execution, reliable fast trading infrastructure
  • Provides institutional grade trading to the online forex trader in 65 countries across the world
  • Reliable and trustworthy with authorization and regulation from various financial institutions
  • Award-winning
  • Cutting-edge tools that do all the hard work for you

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Risk Warning: Trading forex and/or CFDs involves significant risk of loss. CFDs are leveraged products and it is possible to lose more than your initial investment.


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