Wall Street Gains, S&P Healthcare Gains 1.47%

Wall Street showed strong gains on Friday with the S&P healthcare index rising 1.47 percent after President Trump accused drug companies of high prices for drugs.

Biotechnology index on the Nasdaq gained 2.68 percent while drug companies Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer each showed gains of over 1 percent. Leading the gains was Merck & Co who saw a 2.8 percent rise in their stocks.

President Trump said in his speech that unreasonably low prices were extorted from foreign governments from U.S. drug makers. Addressing the remarks healthcare deputies say that they have come up with a variety of proposals to combat the high costs of drugs.

CEO of Longbow Asset Management in Oklahoma, Jake Dollarhide said that the drug companies have been doing a balance act whilst trying to make cost savings for the people in America and making profits for their traded stocks.

Technology Stocks

After streaks of gains over the past few weeks, the tech sector weighed on the Nasdaq falling 0.32 percent. Apple Inc. slipped 0.38 percent after its shares soared for nine straight days giving it a market capitalization of near to $1 trillion.

Tech Sector Giving Back

Chief market strategist at Sun Trust Advisory Services in Atlanta, Keith Lerner said that following the strong gains, the tech sector is giving back and is in a holding pattern heading into the week-end.

Nvidia who has generated chip sales of $289 million in the first quarter to the cryptocurrency market expects their sales from graphic chips in cryptocurrency miners will decrease by over two thirds during the 2nd quarter. Nvidia fell 2.15 percent weighing on the tech sector.

The Dow Jones Industrial average gained 0.37 percent to 24,831.17 points, gaining 2.3 percent for the week.

The S&P 500 rose 0.17 percent to 2,727.72, adding 2.4 percent for the week.

The Nasdaq Composite fell 0.03 percent to 7,402.88, for the week it gained 2.7 percent.

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