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Ripple is the third largest cryptocurrency in the world based on market capitalization after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Its strong financial industry adoption is the reason why it is back by large companies and institutions.

And did you know?

Back in the year 2017, this altcoin managed to increase its value by 40 times!

Check out this price chart and notice how the value of this digital currency has surged dramatically in such a short span of time:



The thing is…

Most people are only familiar in buying/selling of XRP on digital exchanges and are not aware of this other opportune option that is CFD (short for contracts for difference).

In this article, we’ll further discuss its advantage and how you can participate in this form of investment.

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Ripple cryptocurrency trading

Ripple cryptocurrency trading

Here’s the deal:

If you want to add this cryptocurrency to your financial trading portfolio then you need to find a brokerage that offers XRP on their platform.

And the good news is…

Majority of brokers these days have crypto assets but if you really want to maximize your potential profits then you need to find a reliable and regulated brand like AvaTrade.

If you want to learn more about this broker, we recommend that you read our in-depth review.


You might also want to watch this short introductory clip about cryptocurrencies presented by this broker:



XRP Trading via AvaTrade’s Platforms

First of all…

It only takes a few steps to trade Ripple (XRP) CFDs.

And the process is pretty simple:

Just open a trading account, make a deposit from as little as $100, choose a Ripple contract and begin trading.

It couldn’t be easier.

You can invest on this asset both on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms 24 hours a day!

Ripple trading on AvaTrade's WebTrader platform

Ripple trading on AvaTrade’s WebTrader platform

But here’s the interesting thing:

You will be able to trade XRP against not just the US dollar (XRP/USD) but also the Euro (XRP/EUR) and the Japanese yen (XRP/JPY).

You see, most brokers that offer Ripple CFD trading only on the US dollar so this diversity gives traders the opportunity to explore other popular crypto-to-fiat currency pairs.

Best of all…

You will be able to place your buy/sell positions on this cryptocurrency minus the following:

  • Zero commissions
  • Bank fees on transactions

How can you actually use this?

By using AvaTrade’s leverage of up to 1:20 for crypto assets,  you will be able to get far more exposure to invest on Ripple and the other digital coins that are available on their platforms.

So let’s say you made a minimum deposit of $100 into your account. With 1:20 leverage, you will be able to gain the effect of  $2000  on your capital.


Professional Risk Management Tools


Utilizing the stop loss and take profit limits, you will be able to set your risk amount or set a specific value of the profit that you want to take so the platform will automatically trigger the specific actions based on the presets that you made.


The AvaTrade platform also has future orders like Buy Stops and Buy Limits.

AvaTrade Ripple trading

AvaTrade Ripple trading


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Interested to Trade Ripple?

Any time is a great time to invest on this digital currency.

And the great thing is that you have the opportunity to trade on XRP CFDs with this trusted and licensed CFD service provider!

A click on the button below will bring you straight to AvaTrade’s Ripple trading page so go ahead and give it a try!

But remember:

Practice risk management at all times.



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