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Just imagine this…

A world where AI is in the driving seat. It is not sci-fi, it is becoming a reality as the smart revolution accelerates.


Driverless cars are set to become the norm in the near future. Already, the automotive industry has come up with driverless car prototypes.

Millions of dollars are being poured into research and development with all the major car manufacturers looking for the best solutions with safety as the biggest issue.


There are numerous players and companies involved in the development of driverless cars from both high-tech companies and automakers.

The future of autonomous cars is an exciting prospect for traders and investors who can take advantage and be part of this new global phenomenon in the automotive/technology sector.

It is projected to become a $7 trillion market and one of the most tech-heavy products available to consumers.

Here’s an exciting news

You can have access to a fully allocated managed investment portfolio using the Driverless CopyPortfolio at eToro as the industry gains momentum.

What makes this so special?

The portfolio consists of a variety of companies from different industries located around the world.

You will discover an impressive global presence from automakers, hardware manufacturers, software companies all spanning several industries that make up the Driverless CopyPortfolio.

Think that we’re exaggerating?

Starting with the automotive industry we have:

One of the pioneers in automotive innovation, Tesla.

They have established themselves as a leader in electric cars and are developing driverless cars and trucks.

Elon Musk is well known for his innovation and has made controversial headlines with other innovations such as SpaceX.

One of the biggest automotive corporations in the world, Fiat Chrysler is also conducting R&D into their own self-driving car. They have a big slice of the markets in North America and Europe.

Toyota has a strong international presence, a Japanese manufactured vehicle and are pioneers in innovative technologies and produced the world’s first hybrid personal car for mass production.

Honda has declared that by 2025, they will have a nearly fully autonomous vehicle. The brand is well known for family and high-end sports cars as well as luxury sedans.

French carmaker Renault has already positioned themselves as a major player in the autonomous car department. Their Symbioz concept model has received positive reviews especially for their advanced AI approach for assisted driving and innovation.

German luxury carmaker BMW is a commanding and influential car maker. They plan to have a completely autonomous vehicle in the near future. Already, they have produced self-parking systems in some of their high-end vehicles.

Ford has announced that they will be testing robot cars for ride-hailing and delivery purposes in Miami in the near future. As the world’s first automotive company, they are considered as the most influential carmaker.

America’s largest car manufacturer General Motors already in the early 1990’s developed the world’s first serial electric car, the EV1. Their innovation puts them at the forefront of driverless cars in the future.

German car manufacturer Volkswagen has unveiled the VW I.D. Vizzion concept model that is fully self-driving. They are looking to add electric motors to all of their models by the year 2020-30.

Tata, who is part of a $151 billion conglomerate, is looking to be the first company to mass-produce self-driving cars. Presently, they are India’s largest car manufacturer and are testing autonomous micro-cars.

Heavy industrial vehicle manufacturer, Caterpillar are looking to revolutionize the industry with driverless trucks. They already produce self-driving trucks for the mining and construction industries around the globe.

Volvo, the Swedish carmaker has already installed driver-assistance solutions in some of their models.

World leader for auto parts, Delphi, produces electrical and software systems for vehicles and could be a major player for autonomous driving.

Italian luxury carmaker Ferrari is also working on developing a fully electric supercar that will rival Tesla’s.

That’s not all…

Here are some of the software companies who have entered the race for developing a self-driving car:

Microsoft is heavily committed in implementing their technology into driverless cars. Already, they are being tested in several regions around the globe.

If you see self-driving cars cruising the streets of Silicon Valley, then you are most probably aware that they are produced by Alphabet or Waymo, whose parent company is Google. They are currently under test for performance.

In addition to that

Most probably, one of the strongest competitors to be the first to launch the first ready autonomous car and who has backing from the Chinese government is Baidu. They plan to have a fully autonomous car, ready for mass production by 2021.

Here’s an interesting thing!

Former smartphone giant Blackberry has partnered with Baidu for developing software that will be used in the autonomous car industry.

Chinese retail giant Alibaba has also entered the fry in developing a self-driving car.

In addition to that…

According to news reports, Intel has acquired a start-up, Mobileye, for the tune of $15 billion. Mobileye develops computer vision driver-assisted technology.

Now think about this, Intel will have a chip in every self-driving car!

And you know what?

That is just for starters!

We still have hardware manufacturers:

According to reports, Apple is developing its own brand new self-driving car.

World leader and manufacturer of processors, Nvidia is also taking part in manufacturing processors for self-driving cars. They are known for the high performance of real-time rendering of graphics for heavy computer games.

Europe’s biggest semiconductor manufacturer, STMicroElectronics, is creating the brains for the computerized elements that will steer the cars.

Already back in 2017, Texas Instruments came out with a new array of sensors for the use of autonomous cars, drones and more. Texas Instruments develop and manufacture a variety of sensors and have been in the business for over 80 years.

German Chipmaker, Infineon is teaming up with Audi and other leading car makers. Infineon chips will be used for both driver assistance systems and driverless cars.

Skyworks Solutions, a US-based company, manufactures wireless transmitters that are currently used for autonomous features in cars.

Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD) offers affordable computing solutions and according to reports started hiring personnel for their automotive department. This suggests that they too are entering into the market of autonomous car space.

MaxLinear, a US company, develops hardware such as semiconductors and radio transmitters. They are currently developing components for the self-driving industry.

German Semiconductor manufacturer, Dialog Semiconductors, have been involved with Apple’s self-driving cars in the early stages.

With a strong foothold already in the autonomous car industry, NXP Semiconductors is one of the ‘chosen’ companies that were selected by the Chinese Baidu to assist with the developments of their driverless cars.

Parts and subsytems supplier, Hella announced in 2018 that they are entering into the self-driving industry.

A spin-off from Ford, Visteon (VC) has developed a platform that enables the car’s computer to decipher its surroundings and drive itself.

Lastly, battery producer, EnerSys (ENS) produces products for powering cars and aerospace vehicles. It is inevitable that they will play a dominant role in producing batteries for driverless vehicles.

It’s pretty obvious once you think about it…

The coming years will see many new players joining the autonomous driving industry, making it especially exciting for traders and investors to take part in this automotive/technology sector.

Here’s the deal

To start investing and gain full exposure in eToro Driverless CopyPortfolio, you will be required to make a minimum investment of $5,000. Each stock within the investment strategy is given equal allocation and the eToro Investment Committee periodically rebalances it.

Bottom line?

eToro is the leading global social networking provider and offer a unique and innovative platform where traders have the ability to trade.

They offer many numerous perks like a demo account, no commissions, ability to mimic other successful traders trades with CopyTrader, regulated, education programs and more.

Start your journey today with eToro’s driverless investment strategy.

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