Ready to Ride the Cloud Computing Wagon? $800B Boom Expected by 2025

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Now you know…

A term known only to hardcore IT people during the early 2000s, “cloud computing” has become a part of everyone’s technology vocabulary—a layman’s term even—describing a virtual data center readily available to many internet users.

Thanks to the way it revolutionizes our computing lives, the innovative cloud technology is only expected to become even bigger.


To say it simply…

Cloud computing refers to the accessing and storing of data, files and programs over the internet instead of on a physical data center or your computer’s hard drive.

The best examples of a cloud computing technology are Google Apps, Apple iCloud and Microsoft Office Online.


And that’s not all…

As more organizations shift their database and applications on cloud technology, ordinary users are also relying on the cloud to store and access contents such as streaming video, email, social media, personal files and so on.


And guess what?

More than 90% of the world’s companies are now hooked into cloud technology with many of them looking to further widen the scope of their cloud technology infrastructures.


Surprisingly enough…

Despite the global negative effect of the Covid-19 pandemic to the economies of the world, the so-called “new normal” has shifted the way people work, study and do business.

A majority of the workforce today has become more reliable to online technology.

Cloud computing services

Cloud computing services

And a big part of the process is the cloud computing where users can get instant access and store their data easily via the cloud.

More than 70% of companies driven by operations online are now expanding their cloud infrastructures to accommodate additional users.


The Big Cloud of the Future

This technology that makes life easier for the workforce to store and access data is not only here to remain but here to explode even bigger.

The Cloud computing technology has become a commonplace element in technology that it is hard to envision a world without the Cloud.

Cloud technology is also expected to usher the next generation innovations like driverless automobiles and the additional development of artificial intelligence technology.


Now get this:

As plans for an expansion of 5G connectivity is fast becoming a reality, the infrastructure of cloud computing technology is also expected to expand.


A Great Opportunity

Three words: Cloud Stocks Investment

Yes, what better way to take advantage of the booming cloud computing than invest your money on it.


And did you know?

Several researches conducted by analysts points to an astonishing $800 billion growth within the cloud computing industry by the year 2025.

That’s more than a 25% increase expected in the next few years!

This comes at the heels of more and more corporations using the agility of cloud-based models to support Information Technology operations.


Take a look at this graph below from Statisa showing the substantial growth of public cloud computing market since 2008:

Total size of the public cloud computing market from 2008 to 2020

Total size of the public cloud computing market from 2008 to 2020


And you’re right!

This robust growth awaiting the cloud computing technology also mean something else: a great investment opportunity.


Here’s an interesting thing…

Stock watchers have listed these three cloud computing giants as the top 3 cloud computing stocks to purchase:

  1. NVIDIA – is considered as the “backbone of the cloud market”.

    It is a company that supply GPUs (Graphics processing units) to big cloud companies.

  2. Microsoft – the leader in already a lot of fronts is also leading the way for the enterprise SaaS Market and is right behind Amazon in the category of cloud infrastructure.
  3. Alibaba – as China’s leading digital e-commerce platform, it stands to rack up two billion users by 2036.

    Expect Alibaba Cloud to become a major player in the cloud computing market.

And another thing…

Aside from the top 3 Cloud Computing stocks, there are other cloud stocks you should take a closer look at because of the potential of huge growth in the coming years.

These includes:

  • Data Dog
  • DocuSign
  • The Trade Desk
  • Zoom Video Communications
  • Zscaler

And more silver lining…

Another great thing to add, there’s a platform that will make your life so much easier when you start investing on cloud computing stocks.

eToro (read review here), the widely-used multi-asset platform offering stock investment, crypto assets and CFD trading, has a feature called the CloudComputing CopyPortfolio.

What is eToro’s CloudComputing CopyPortfolio?

This is a diversified portfolio made up of experienced cloud technology traders.

This portfolio provides you a great learning curve to properly understand the growth curve of the cloud computing industry and guide your decision to making wiser investment.

eToro's Cloud Computing CopyPortfolio

eToro’s Cloud Computing CopyPortfolio


Looking at the future…

As the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic puts a giant uncertainty to the world economy, it is better to scout emerging technologies and industries that have a big chance of showing growth in the stock market today.

What could be better than seizing this golden opportunity with the help of the many features of eToro’s ready-made investing portfolios that will take your trading to the next level.

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